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Digitech Polara Lexicon Reverbs Stereo Pedal – Vintage Stereo Performance

4.9 out of 5 stars

If you happen to be in pursuit of a delay pedal to blow people's minds with, take a moment and check out the Digitech Polara. Not exactly a household name like some of the other companies you can find on our site, the Polara still comes from one of the most renowned pedal manufacturers in the world.

The company really did an outstanding job to stand out from the rest of the manufacturers, all while retaining those hallmark values that are crucial for any quality reverb pedal.

Digitech Polara Lexicon Reverbs Stereo Pedal-1


The first thing that many folks notice on this pedal is the wild and funky design. The hippie color pattern and that dude staring into the very bottom of your soul isn't something we are accustomed to with as far as regular pedals go, but this ain't no regular pedal.

Apart from that, this true bypass pedal has zero noise and a very strong metal casing. Both the inner circuits and knobs and switches on the outside are strong and firmly in position, raising the level of durability and reliability to a high level. The item features true stereo I/O circuitry, along with the usual stuff such as LED status indicator, and an on/off foot-switch.

Digitech Polara Lexicon Reverbs Stereo Pedal-3


We're looking at four control knobs plus a single two-way switch: Level, Liveliness, Decay and Type, plus the on/off Tails switch.

Level – Very standard stuff here, a knob used for controlling the level of reverb that will be injected into your sound. The more you increase it, the more reverb you receive.

Decay – This one determines the length of delay, or the echo level. The stronger it is, the more roomier your sound will feel.

Liveliness – Fairly equal to the standard Tone knob, this knob controls the brightness of reverb.

Type – This is the knob you will want to master first, as it selects one of the six offered reverb types: Room, Plate, Modulated, Reverse, Hall, Halo, and Spring.


This is one of the most versatile and sonically encompassing pedals we have tested out. The sound quality is always high-end, but what makes Polara stand out is the sheer scope of vibes and moods it can deliver.

Anything from classic light reverb to the heavenly Halo setting to make you feel like a choir of angels backing you up. If your sound relies on the reverb vibe, whether it's paced-out jazz or stuff along the lines of Pink Floyd's guitar legend David Gilmour, this is the one you want.

We have to add that there's something hypnotic about this pedal that will draw the crowd's attention to your six-string. As long as you know how to utilize it properly, this pedal can leave a permanent mark on your sonic stamp.


Overall, this is a very interesting item. The Polara is not a standard pedal that just spices up your sound output, but instead a focal point of your sonic delivery. Not that there's anything wrong with budget-friendly stomp-boxes, but if you want the best, add this fella to your list of considerations.

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  1. Guitarmageddon Tinkledink says

    I can’t agree with this more. I’ve owned the Polara for years. It is the most natural and uncolored sounding reverb I have tried. It doesn’t suck tone and just sounds fuller and more analog than the others. And Digitech uses the Lexicon reverb engine in their reverbs which is the industry standard for most studios.

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