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Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT – One Of The Few Icons In Its Category

4.7 out of 5 stars

Digitech is a company that managed to grab a fair share of the loop pedal market thanks to a string of products that offer high quality audio combined with top-notch craftsmanship at a fair price.

As their entry-level item and a looper that covers the basic needs of the vast majority of players, the JMEXTV JamMan Express XT pedal is a fine pick for guitar players of all levels and styles. We took it out for a little spin around the block, you can check out our thoughts and conclusions in the full review below.

Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT-1


Apart from a sleek blue metal casing, the pedal operates as a stereo device with two inputs and a pair of outputs. This allows you to insert two instruments into the looping mix, as well as utilize the stomp-box with a stereo rig, which is great for more advanced and demanding musicians.

In total, this Digitech fella can store up to 10 minutes of stereo-quality audio footage, which is way more than enough for any gig, along with unlimited overdubs and an undo/redo feature.

We are dealing with a true bypass pedal here, which is especially important with a loop pedal. Only a single footswitch has been included in the mix, but separate LED status indicators for Recording, Overdub, and Play modes do make it significantly easier to control this beast.

The product weighs in at 10.6 ounces and features a total size of 4.6 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches.

Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT-2


As is often the case with smaller loopers, the controls are basic, yet effective. There is only a single knob included in the mix – the Level control – which adjusts the level of the loop effect that gets infused into the final audio mix.

Apart from that, there's a bit more to the footswitch button than meets the eye. While in most cases it only serves as an on/off switch, things get a bit more complex when it comes to loop pedals.

So specifically, there area three key controls summed up in a single button – tapping the footswitch once will kick off the recording process of a loop segment; tapping it twice will end the recording process you've previously started, while holding the button down for a few seconds will erase the previously recorded loop, making way for new goods to be laid down.

Additionally, tapping the button after the recording was made will commence the loop's playback, while tapping it for the third time will start the recording of an overdub layer.


Regardless of how many other guitar effects you have on at the given moment, this pedal will record your sound in a clear and natural manner, with zero sonic interference, crackle or any of that bad stuff. 10 minutes of available loop time is way, way more than 99% of the players need, hence we can confidently say that this thing has you back covered in every aspect.


For the listed price tag, this fella definitely delivers the goods. It has all the basic functions in its pocket, the controls are simple and on-point, and the sound quality is most definitely alright. If you're not looking into the area of looping too deep, this is a valid choice. We give it a thumbs up!

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