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Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 Review – Organized Chaos In a Box

4.8 out of 5 stars

Leave it to Death by Audio to deliver a completely maddening fuzz pedal. Fuzz War V2 is one of the most outrageous fuzz boxes on the market right now. Forget all the legendary fuzz pedals that have been the backbone of this effect category for decades, it's time to bring in destruction.

In simple terms, Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 is not for the faint-hearted. It has a pretty unique ability to act as a Swiss army knife of signal distortion, with the ultimate form being an overwhelming onslaught of fuzziness that simply doesn't end.



Just like the most venomous snakes in the wild, one quick glance at the Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 will tell you something's up with this stompbox. The product's graffiti theme is minimalist but very fitting. This is a pretty simple pedal judged solely on its appearance.

Once you remove the top panel and look at its innards, you will find your standard Death by Audio quality. Good components and good craftsmanship are more than apparent. When it's time to plug this thing into your signal chain, you better stretch your fingers because they will be spending a lot of time on the control knobs. Speaking of which.



There are three knobs available. Pretty simple, right? Not so fast. Even with its rudimentary controls, you will feel like you're barely managing to subdue a monster. There are two large ones and one smaller knob to work with. That smallest knob is your volume control.

The Fuzz knob is where all the magic happens. Roll it all the way back and Fuzz War becomes a booster pedal. Move it some more and you're in overdrive territory. As you keep going clockwise, you will pass through various distortion stages, until you suddenly tap into what can only be described as Fuzz Pandora's box. Finally, the tone knob is a filter that goes from darker bass rich to sharper and more jagged setting.


Honestly, wrangling with the Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 can be exhausting. Even the slightest adjustments will feel like leaps in terms of tone. There is so much fuzz crammed in this box that you will have a hard time figuring out what to do with it all. It's definitely on the more aggressive side, although it becomes pretty versatile once you learn how to deal with it properly.


Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 is best described as a tiny box full of madness that is simply waiting for you to unleash it. Even the more experienced guitar player, who have been using fuzz pedals for a while, have said that Fuzz War V2 is just too much for them.

With that said, this is definitely not the pedal you want to start your fuzz experience with. On the other hand, those who need some extra juice and aren't afraid of dealing with a bratty pedal will definitely enjoy this crazy fuzz box.

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