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Dean Edge 09 Bass Guitar Review – Simplicity At Its Best

4.7 out of 5 stars

Dean's foothold in the entry level segment of the bass guitar market has been solidified by now. They just offer a great balance of price and performance. When you add a solid design which is fairly attractive, it's no wonder a lot of new players are flocking their way in search of a cool first axe. Speaking of which, Dean Edge 09 is one of the most affordable five string bass guitars which you can get for cheap. It's a model that has a lot of benefits but also some flaws, however it doesn't get much better than this considering the price. For that reason, and many other, we have included this Dean to our list of most capable five string basses. Check it out for more info.

Dean Edge 09 Bass Guitar Body

Body & Neck

Just like it is the case with a lot of other entry level guitars, Dean Edge 09 features a basswood body with a basswood top. The available choice of finishes is reasonable and includes something for everyone's taste. Neck comes in form of a standard maple piece that sports a faster profile. Fretboard is standard rosewood with pearl dot inlays. Overall, it's a stealthy bass guitar that doesn't look cheap and features decent build quality. That last part is a rarity in this price range these days.


Whenever you discuss entry level instruments, you know that hardware is going to be the one thing where basics are the norm. With that said, Edge 09 comes with a vintage style flush bridge fitted with five fully adjustable saddles. On the other end of the business you can see five die cast tuning machines of relatively decent quality. While the hardware – which comes in chrome – works, you definitely don't want to push it outside of its comfort zone.


What really makes Dean Edge 09 interesting is the fact that Dean went with a single soap bar pickup configuration. Even thought this is an affordable bass guitar, you rarely see this type of setup. The inherent simplicity of single pickup design is not only obvious in terms of aesthetics, but it also has a similar impact on the tone of the guitar. The pickup is controlled by a single tone and single volume knob.

Dean Edge 09 Bass Guitar HeadstockSound

Sound is where you can really see what Edge 09 is made of. That single soap bar pickup is rugged, lacking any substantial finesse. If you are looking for a bass guitar to do some precision work, this is not it. What Dean Edge 09 was intended for is stuff like metal, or hard rock. In short, genres where definition is not crucial and you can get away with a certain dose of dirt in your tone. If you take it for what it is, Edge 09 can be a great axe for rocking out.


All things considered, Dean Edge 09 is a great value, especially for beginners. The whole concept of this guitar revolves around hard hitting tone, simplicity and understanding that dirty is sometimes good. Because of this, it's a perfect choice for beginners. More experience players will probably have to be a bit more careful when deciding whether to go for this bass or not.

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