Dean Dave Mustaine Zero “In Deth We Trust” – Affordable Piece of Art

4.6 out of 5 stars

Dave Mustaine’s relationship with Dean has been fruitful for many years, and continues to be so. One of the more ingenious designs that came out as a result of this cooperation, has got to be the Dean Dave Mustaine Zero “In Deth We Trust” signature guitar. If you were only buying it for the looks, it would still be worth the money. Not to mention that the guitar actually sounds pretty awesome. It’s one of the hottest axes to get for less than $500, and also one of our favorites in this price range.


Body And Neck

There is nothing ordinary about this Zero. Dean used the already intriguing Explorer body shape, and built the entire thing out of mahogany. That means the body, neck, the whole package. Since the Explorer shape apparently wasn’t enough to make this guitar stand out, they’ve designed a very intricate and incredible looking graphic that spans all over the top of the guitar. Inspired by US dollar, it’s something you could easily hang on the wall as a piece of art. Seriously, it’s one of the sickest looking guitars out there, period.


Even though it’s complex in nature, Dean Dave Mustaine Zero “In Deth We Trust” was built as a straightforward tool aimed at those hungry for some heavy distortion. This is apparent in its basic Tune-o-Matic bridge with a string-through body solution right behind it. Tuners come in form of Grover’s Mini series, and are more than capable of retaining the tuning of the guitar. All of the hardware components are painted flat black, and fit pretty well with the overall theme of the guitar.



In terms of electronics, Dean kept things dialed down. They chose a set of their own humbuckers, which get the job done just fine, but lack a decent amount of finesse. It feels like the guitar is just eating everything you toss at it in terms of distortion. Yet, it’s a great tool for shredding and some high-speed riffs. Pickups are wired to a set of two individual volume knobs for each humbucker, a tone knob, and a three-way pickup select switch. That’s a pretty straightforward setup, but one that works.


When it comes to metal oriented electric guitars, you have your scalpels and then you have your sledgehammers. This dean belongs to the latter category. Describing this guitar the way we just did doesn’t mean it’s bad. Rather, it means the tone you get is pretty overwhelming and best used for rhythm applications. Shredding on this bad boy is easy, fun and sounds great, but don’t expect a lot of definition as you do your work.


With a bit tighter quality control, Dean Dave Mustaine Zero “In Deth We Trust” could be one of the absolute monsters in its price range. The way things are going now, this guitar is pretty good for the money and offers metal heads around the world valuable choice.

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