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When it comes to awesome acoustic bass guitars, D’Angelico is one ofthe brands you can turn to in times of need. Their Mott series models have proven to be on the level of performance necessary for professional use. If you’re looking for a workhorse bass guitar, this is it.


Body & Neck

Right off the bat, the body shape and tonewood choice for Mott tells you it means business. We are looking at a grand auditorium shape with a single cutaway. Top is a solid sitka spruce piece while the back and sides are solid rosewood. That alone is impressive. Using such a hard wood for the shell has serious implications when it comes to performance. More on that later. As expected, build quality is impressive. The whole thing is put together in a way that indicates a higher class of craftsmanship. This remains true whether you look at the whole thing or the smallest detail. D’Angelico spared no effort to make this guitar look as good as it sounds. Speaking of looks, they offer the Mott in a couple of finishes, but we think this one gray­black and black fit its nature the best.



Moving on to hardware, we see more signatures of superior craftsmanship. D’Angelico packs their Motts with Rotomatic Stairstep tuners by Grover, which are really incredible when it comes to key retention as well as precision. At the bridge, we see an Indian rosewood unit that features bone saddle and brass pins. This way, it appeals to those who prefer traditional materials, but it also increases the functionality of the instrument. On board electronics D’Angelico went with is Fishman Presys+ package. It is effective to a fault and advanced enough for you to dial in a great tone without using anything else. If you like to perform with the least amount of accessories in your signal chain, this kind of setup will fit right into your routine. It is as if D’Angelico went and cherry picked the components in such a way that results in a harmony of performance.


Playing a D’Angelico Mott bass is a soothing experience as much as it is exciting. There is a sense of comfort drawn from this model’s reputation. The sound it produces is massive, but so well balanced that it feels almost surreal. Grand auditorium shape delivers that width in the low range, while brass pins and rosewood shell take care of mids and trebles. This bass guitar really is the sum of its parts. With Fishman Presys+, plugging yourself into a PA or amp takes very little effort. The tools you are presented with out of the box are more than sufficient for a direct plug. In a sea of acoustic basses that do one thing great, D’Angelico Mott does it all. Because of that, it is one of the best tools you can have at your side for a stage performance of any type.


D’Angelico proves once again why their acoustic bass guitars are simply among the best. As a whole, Mott looks like your average higher mid range bass. However, when you get closer the details start jumping straight at you. It doesn’t take long to realize that this bass is truly impressive.

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