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Danelectro DJ-14C Fish & Chips Review – Budget Equalization

4.6 out of 5 stars

Danelectro is known in the guitar community for two things – affordable prices and funny looking pedals. Whether you ever had to deal with these stompboxes or not, you have to admit that Danelectro designs are something completely different.

With that said, the model we are looking at today is among the most popular EQ pedals on the market, and comes under the name of Danelectro DJ-14C Fish & Chips. It's a decent performer, but one that comes with a number of trade-offs. If you're wondering why we are talking about it, it's because you can buy about 5 of these for the price of a decent boutique variety pedal.

Once again we meet with that good old Danelectro pedal enclosure which is as brittle as it is exciting to look at. One of the general rules of thumb when it comes to this brand is to use their pedals lightly. We're not saying that you should step on them like they are made of glass, but you should definitely apply more caution than you otherwise would.

With that said, the EQ circuitry in this thing is rather decent. You get a fine seven band EQ that packs a noticeable punch, and a rather noiseless performance when you plug this thing into a more serious signal chain.



Even though we have said this earlier, we need to make it clear once again – use this pedal with caution and be gentle. Truth be told, you could probably survive breaking one of these considering how cheap they are, but why go there if you don't have to. Main controls come in form of seven sliders dedicated to specific frequency bands, and a standalone level slider.

All of these give you 15dB of boost or cut, depending on your EQ setting. Due to its simple design and high practical value, this is one of the most notable effects pedals on the market.



This is where things get both impressive and interesting. For an affordable model such as this one, you definitely don't expect to get some sort of superb performance, which you don't. However, if we are looking strictly at the bang for the buck value, Danelectro DJ-14C Fish & Chips is the world champion by all standards.

This little clam shell of a pedal can help you adjust your tone rather nicely, and matches some of the more expensive models with ease. Honestly, we were a bit surprised that it comes with seven bands instead of standard six, especially considering that seventh slider is often reserved for more refined EQ pedals.


While it is definitely not an elite EQ stomp box, Danelectro DJ-14C Fish & Chips is a perfect solution for guitar players on a budget. Same goes for those who want an inexpensive EQ because they plan on using it sparingly. At this price, it's hard to beat the type of performance this thing has to offer, no matter how hard you try.

This is one of the rare dirt cheap guitar effects pedals we are actually comfortable recommending to anyone. Check it out if you are limited by your finances.

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