Daisy Rock Wildwood Artist – Ladies Only Special

Daisy Rock Wildwood Artist – Ladies Only Special
Body And Neck:

Are you looking for the best acoustic guitar for women? Something in the “under 500” category maybe? You’re in luck, ’cause this fine instrument just might be it; meet the Daisy Rock Wildwood!

As one of the few six-strings on the market crafted specifically with the ladies in mind, this item utilizes a string of fine-tuned features that make it ideal for female hands, sensibility and strumming strength. We took it out for a little test run, these are our conclusions.


Body & Neck

The instrument features a single cutaway body combined with a strong mahogany neck and a classic rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and perloid Daisy inlays.

But let’s make a little break here, because the thing that most folks notice at first glance with this thing is the aesthetic side. So yes, this is one shiny guitar! It’s quite an attention-grabbing instrument and it shines like a diamonds when you take it under those stage lights.

Up next – the neck. Apart from making a slightly slimmer body, the manufacturer made sure to make the neck as slim and playable as possible, but without harming durability and the sound. The result – an exclusive Daisy Rock “Slim & Narrow” design that retains high power while making it easy to strum all the chords, as well as rock those fast-paced licks up and down the scale.



When it comes to hardware, the guitar has a rosewood bridge with a set of white pins and a set of chrome tuners that do a fine job in keeping the instrument in tune. The axe comes with a set of top-notch D’Addario strings.


This is an acoustic-electric instrument featuring a 2-band EQ control included in the mix with Bass and Treble controls. Also included in the mix is a built-in tuner to help you keep the instrument in proper shape.

When plugged in, the guitar gives a slightly more twangy and treble-driven sound then in unplugged regime, but it’s all within reasonable amounts, and nothing a decent EQ pedal can’t fix. More on that in the next segment.


The guitar’s sound is a bit on the lighter, more treble- and middles- driven side, but still strong and resonant. And that just might be the most important feature – the instrument packs plenty of sonic boom that will sound great in the slightly less hard-hitting hands of the ladies. This type of sound can cover a vast array of genres, but fits the best within the realms of rock, pop, country, and pop music.


The value for money factor is great, we really like the fact that the manufacturer did NOT abuse the fact that this is a niche instrument, and made a guitar that’s actually worth this price. If you’re looking to get your hands on the best female acoustic guitar for this money, the Daisy Rock fits that bill just fine. A thumbs up from here!

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