Cort L450C NS – Cort’s Ticket To The Affordable Segment

Cort L450C NS – Cort’s Ticket To The Affordable Segment
Body And Neck:

If there’s one thing you will rarely see in guitars which can be labeled as affordable, is solid wood construction. It’s simply not cost efficient. Cort is among the rare brands which offer this type of build at an affordable price. Their Cort L450C NS is thus one of the best acoustic guitars you can grab for less than $300. Needless to say, this is a pretty rare deal of this type. Cort might not be one of the most popular brands out there, but they sure know how to surprise us once in a while.


Body and Neck

Cort L450C NS features a standard concert body shape and size. Compared your run of the mill dreadnought, there are some benefits and a drawback or two. Most people like the concert body type because it’s more comfortable to play and has better projection. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Cort went with a full mahogany build for this model. They’ve combined a solid mahogany top with mahogany back and sides, which has a pretty significant impact on the way this guitar sounds. Neck is also a mahogany piece with a nice rosewood fretboard on top.



In terms of hardware, you are looking at a standard rosewood bridge paired with a composite saddle. What’s more important than the exact materials used for these components is the fact that everything was fit and installed solid. As for tuners, Cort went with a nice set of standard die cast tuning machines. These are nickel tuners with all black knobs. At this point it is worth mentioning that L450C NS is not an aesthetically impressive guitar, but it compensates for that in more than one way.


All mahogany build has its effect on sound. Mahogany is a bit harder wood, and likes to resonate a bit stiffer than your regular sitka spruce. However, paired with a concert body shape, Cort L450C NS offers a rather balanced type of tone. Trebles are clear, crisp and punchy. With that said, they are nearly perfectly countered by a massive low end response. Volume is abundant, which means that you can take this Cort on stage or perform in a smaller venue with no issues whatsoever. In some ways, L450C NS lends itself well to finger picking, but strumming is where all the action is at. Going through intricate chord progressions with this bad boy is a great experience.


Cort stepped up and delivered when some of the far more reputable brands failed to do so. They have managed to build a mean sounding acoustic guitar using solid wood and pretty good tonewood selection, all within the affordable range. If you are a beginner and you want something that will last you well after you have evolved as a guitar player, Cort L450C NS is a model yo
should definitely consider. No matter where you stand on Cort, this guitar deserves all the praise it can get.

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