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Cordoba F7 Review – A Solid Classical Guitar at a Solid Price Point

4.7 out of 5 stars

Even though ‘budget’ guitars are getting better in quality, higher-level models do cost a little more for a good reason. The Cordoba F7 may be a great choice for a budding classical or flamenco guitarist looking for a better overall instrument without going over budget, as it comes in at under $500. Today we’re taking a closer look.

Body & Neck

The F7 has many features that are found in models costing much more, and a great example of this is the body construction. It features a solid European spruce top, which is certainly a step up from the laminate tops that are more common in lower-priced models. The back and sides are constructed from cypress, and it is all presented very nicely with an attractive gloss polyurethane finish.

The neck is made from solid mahogany, with a Pau Ferro fretboard. Pau Ferro is evolving with many guitar manufacturers as a good midway point between ebony and rosewood. That’s important as it’s not affected by some of the international regulations that are currently in effect for many natural resources that are usually selected for guitar construction. On this fretboard you’ll find 19 frets (with 12 in the clear), which is a typical standard for a classical guitar.


The hardware on the F7 is on par with most of the other classical guitars under $500. The nut and saddle are made from real bone, and the bridge also is constructed from Pau Ferro as well. The tuners add a touch of style with Cordoba gold plating and black buttons, which is a great visual contrast to the natural finish.

One area that many guitars in this price range (and below) can lack is any available electronics. There is no pickup, nor is there any sort of onboard tuner or EQ. It’s more ‘traditional’ in that sense, but alternate amplification methods will need to be considered if you ever plan to play in a concert setting.

One big plus is that the F7 comes with a padded Cordoba gig bag to help protect and transport your investment. It may not be as robust as a hard-shell case, but it is most certainly better than nothing at all!


There’s no doubt that the sound of the F7 can compete with any other model in this price range. The tone right out of the box with the Savarez strings and factory setup is rich and defined, and it is enhanced by the tighter grain of the Pau Ferro fretboard. The solid spruce top adds to the warmth as well – perfect for both traditional classical and jazz pieces as well as upbeat flamenco.

One bit of advice for you here. Once you get into guitars with solid tops, we highly recommend you use a good guitar humidifier inside your gig bag. Trust us (speaking from experience), without taking proper care, the top can crack and split in ways that will have you in tears!


For the price, there’s no doubt that the Cordoba F7 may be the perfect classical guitar for the beginner-to-intermediate level player who is looking for a better-than-budget instrument. With a solid build and lovely tone for all styles of music, it’s one of those models that will have you questioning ‘how do they make them so good for this price…?’

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