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Cordoba C7 – Right Tool For The Job

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cordoba is among few companies who offer real potential at a price which is more than reasonable. Their entry level classical guitars are just on a different level, but that's not the full extent of their capability. Cordoba C7 was designed as an instrument for beginner and intermediate players. However, it can keep up with those who are far beyond that skill level. This is probably one of the best acoustic guitars you can grab for less than $500 right now.


Body And Neck

Cordoba's fit and finish are something that is rarely being put into question anymore. They are on a level where you can rely on their guitars to simply come near perfect right out of the box. Cordoba C7 is a great example of this concept. Tonewood of choice for this classical beauty is solid European spruce top combined with Indian rosewood back and sides. Add a mahogany neck to that package and you already have a very capable guitar. Cordoba topped things off with nice Indian rosewood binding, adding a nice contrast to the light spruce. Everything feels very solid once you pick the guitar up, instilling confidence.



When it comes to hardware, Cordoba stuck with the traditional rosewood bridge and bone saddle. In this particular case, it is Indian rosewood, which actually gives the tone a bit of a twist on itself. On the other end of the business, you can find a set of Cordoba C7 GK tuning machines. These are nothing extraordinary, but they are capable of rising up the challenge. You don't have to worry about intonation nor dropping out of tune frequently. It's a no thrills package, but one which works and that is by far the most important factor.


There is hardly anything better than a sound of a finely tuned classical guitar. Cordoba C7 comes across as a very strong, but expressive model. There's a lot of volume, thanks to its traditional body shape, but also a decent response across the range. Trebles are nicely defined, snapping out as you play while lows are well balanced and relatively focused. Thanks to that Indian rosewood, finger picking on C7 is pure bliss. Everything you do comes out well rounder, with enough of that classical guitar warmth, but also a decent amount of aggression.


Cordoba's appeal comes from their policy of delivering finely crafted instruments at a reasonable price. A lot of beginners are flocking to them because of this, but experienced players as well. Cordoba C7 could easily be something you can pull out for full stage performance. With that in mind, getting one of these as a beginner is a
great way to ’future proof' yourself for years to come. The guitar not only sounds great, but you also get an instrument which looks just amazing. In other words, it's a full package. Not many people actually go for a classical guitar as their first, but something like Cordoba C7 is a perfect place to start.

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