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Cordoba C5 – What Makes It A Great Pick

4.7 out of 5 stars

Many guitar players will agree that classical guitars a whole different type of beast compared to your regular acoustic. It's as if they have a completely different dynamic – one which takes finesse to master. Cordoba C5 is one of the rare, more authentic classical guitars you can grab in the affordable range. Its refined nature has earned it a place among the guitars we can comfortably recommend to beginners.

Cordoba C5 Body

Body And Neck

Where Cordoba really hit the nail on the head is their selection of tonewood and build quality they offer. It would be wrong to say that C5 is an entry level model, but it's not priced too far from this category. Even so, you get a solid top made of select Canadian cedar combined with finely crafted laminate mahogany back and sides. Everything from bracing to finish itself is spot on. This is one of those guitars which will easily trick you into thinking that you are holding a much more expensive piece in your hands. The neck is also a mahogany piece which features a full sized classical scale. When you combine all of these elements, you get a very light weight instrument which sounds heavenly when played. More on that a bit later.



For hardware, Cordoba went with the good old rosewood configuration. The bridge is solid, gets the job done, and adds that little extra to the tone. Saddle is made of an artificial material, just like it is the case with most guitars in this price range, but that does not affect the performance all that much. Hardware in itself works great. Intonation and tuning retention are more than satisfactory, especially considering it comes with average die cast tuning machines.


Nylon stringed guitars have a tendency to amplify design and craftsmanship much more than steel acoustics do. You can easily hear if a guitar is ‘off' just by playing a chord or two. Cordoba C5 holds its ground and delivers the type of warmth that only a well built classical guitar can. Lower end of the spectrum is wide, rich and fulfilling while the trebles give the whole package that edge we all love. Even though tastes are not worth arguing, it does feel like that C5 prefers the good old finger picking style over strumming. However, that doesn't mean that you cant strum your heart out on this pup. On the contrary, it will greet you with a very balanced response.


Going for a classical guitar as your first is a move most guitar players advise against. In the end, it all depends on what you're after. For those who are thinking of taking the classical route, Cordoba C5 is the perfect affordable solution which will keep up with you well after you gain some skill. It's
the type of guitar you could pull out and do a complete stage performance on, without any issues. With all that said, it's no wonder that Cordoba is among the most trusted brands in this segment of the market.

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