Carl Martin Multi Effects Pedal – Analog Masterpiece

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Carl Martin has been providing us with some pretty hot effects for a while now. This brand isn’t as popular as some main stream names, but they are absolutely on point when it comes to their products. Carl Martin Quattro which we are looking at today is probably one of the most outstanding multi-effect pedals you can find at this very moment Long gone are the days where milti-fx meant box full of questionable digital effects. These days, we are rocking in style. Let’s introduce you to this awesome pedal and show you what it has to offer.

Carl Martin Multi Effects Pedal


One look at Quattro can lead to misleading conclusion. The pedal looks very basic and minimalist, almost as if it’s a DIY project. However, within its old school steel enclosure hides a set of pretty impressive circuits. Let’s start things off by saying that this is a fully analog unit. That means you get four high quality analog effects in one board. Speaking of effects, Quattro brings an echo, tremolo, overdrive and a compressor. Each of the effects comes with its individual controls, making it very easy to use them. Internal power supply and a stereo out are just an icing on this already delicious cake.

Carl Martin Multi Effects Pedal


One thing that many current multi-effect pedals just can’t get right are the controls. You either get a completely cluttered interface, or one that is devoid of some very essential knobs. Carl Martin Quattro features a solution that can be described as the golden middle. Each effect is divided into a cluster of its own, with a dedicated switch and controls. Depending on the type of effect you want to use, you will see more or less knobs available. Overdrive, for example, comes with a variety of pots while the compressor and tremolo feature only two each.


When it comes to performance, Quattro is bound to impress even the most conservative users out there. These effects being analog in nature does give them a certain type of vibe, but it still take a skillful design to push them into that elite category. One of the biggest surprises was the compressor which actually works very decently. Even though you aren’t offered many controls to work with, using this effect feels so intuitive. Overdrive is a story of its own. It was modeled after Carl Martin’s most popular design and we can only say that it transferred perfectly into this new package.


At the end of the day, if you are the type of guitar player who appreciates quality over quantity, Carl Martin Quattro is the kind of multi-effects pedal you need to check out. The sheer level of
finesse, definition and quality this thing offers is too good to ignore. One thing to keep in mind is that this pedal is anything but budget friendly. However, those who refuse to compromise will understand the potential Quattro brings to the table. That alone makes it a worth while investment.

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