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CAD Sessions MH510 Review – Good Looks Backed Up By Performance

4.2 out of 5 stars

The market of affordable studio headphones is plagued with bland, all black models. However, there are few exceptions. CAD Sessions MH510 is not only aesthetically different, but also one of the most capable studio headphones you can get under $100. Let's check out what a pair of these can deliver.



If you take a quick look at the current state of affordable studio headphones market, you will notice a lot of black plastic and vinyl. That is mainly due to the fact that black fits well with just about anything, but also because it's cheaper to make everything that way. CAD Sessions MH510 is about as far away from that approach as it is possible. CAD went with a red and white combination that actually worked out fairly well. It is pretty attractive, thus adding another dimension to a product that is often one dimensional in nature. What CAD managed to avoid is making a tacky set of headphones, which is basically what often happens with affordable models. At the end of the day, you can say they have found a golden middle in terms of design. If you're into something different, these will most likely work for you.



Looks are not the only thing CAD Sessions MH510 have to offer. Behind that attractive exterior hides a fairly decent set of hardware. We are looking at two 50mm neodymium drivers set in a rugged chassis. Ear pads come across as a bit crude out of the box, but you will soon find them to be about as good as what most other models in this price range have to offer. Speaking of padding, there is plenty of it. CAD went with a full headband and not a light weight frame. Since this layout can be uncomfortable depending on what the manufacturer has done, CAD applied an abundance of fairly thick padding up there to alleviate user fatigue. Needless to say, they have succeeded in doing so. Cable is detachable and you get two. One 10 foot straight cable and a coiled 3.5 feet long one.


Here is what makes CAD Sessions MH510 so awesome. These are surprisingly flat considering both their price and category they belong to. Frequency range goes from 10Hz to 24kHz, although the realistic frequency band is closer to 15Hz-20kHz. That's all at 103dB of SPL. Another great thing about MH510 is its impedance. Rated at 26 Ohms, you can pretty much run these headphones on all your devices. There's plenty of volume and you get that great transparency whether you're in your studio or on the go. In all seriousness, you would have to spend a lot of money before you got to experience something that is drastically better than this. For a budget studio build, CAD Sessions MH510 is by far one of the best solutions on the market right now.


It seems that CAD has managed to make something that is pretty rare in the affordable segment. MH510 are headphones that are built solid, bring a rather different design into a bland segment, and have the performance to back that all up. All in all, an awesome set of headphones.

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