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Boss Audio TR2 Tremolo Pedal Review – Proven Quality On a Budget

4.7 out of 5 stars

Boss has been a staple brand of guitar effects pedals ever since they first entered the market. They've rarely produced boutique quality models, but you can bet your behind that Boss pedals are going to get the job done and deliver top-tier performance.

Just like they have a significant presence in every other guitar effect segment, they also have a pretty strong tremolo unit that dominates the affordable range. We're talking one of the most solid tremolo pedals on the market . Let's get familiar with this bad boy and show you just what type of tone you can expect from it.



When it comes to their pedal designs, Boss follows that good old adage that says ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. With that in mind, TR2 looks just like 99% of other boss models you can find. The quality of the enclosure is high as usual, which means that you can expose this pedal to serious amounts of abuse without it giving up on you.

For all intents and purposes, Boss TR2 is a simple tremolo pedal. Boss decided to take the safe route and build a formidable vintage style tremolo effect with no bells and whistles. That's exactly the type of no-nonsense policy that earned them the legendary reputation they enjoy today.



Boss TR2 brings rudimentary controls. If we had to imagine a bare bones standard for tremolo effects pedals, TR2 would be it. There's the Rate knob, which adjusts the speed of the effect, and then there is the Depth knob that allows you to adjust how deep the volume will dip when the effect is on.

These two controls are something you can expect on any tremolo pedal out there. Aside from those, there is a Wave knob. Working this control gives you access to a standard triangle waveform and its square counterpart. All in all, pretty simple layout, but an effective one to say the least.


Even though it's not the most complex trem stompbox on the market, Boss TR2 compensates its basic form with a rather decent performance. We are talking great tone quality and a lot of range for a simple design such as this one.

Having a good vintage tremolo is not that unusual, however having one at this price is certainly going to make a few heads turn. If you are looking for a good affordable option, this Boss unit is definitely the one solution that you can always count on.


Boss TR2 follows the policy which has turned this brand into one of the most influential authorities in the industry. There's a lot of boutique pedals that will eat the TR2 for lunch, but all of them will cost at least twice as much as this pedal. Since not everyone can afford to drop a lot of money on a single stompbox, TR2 is there to get the job done with decent quality, and on a budget. No matter what you think about Boss, you have to respect that.

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