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Boss RV5 Digital Reverb – Quality From a Simple Design

4.6 out of 5 stars

Boss is a well-known pedal producing company that’s famous for collaborating with many guitar manufacturers in order to perfect their products. These products feature mostly tightly-knit and compactly designed, yet effective pedals and effects for anyone’s preference.

Are you looking for a neat and affordable high-quality rever pedal for your guitar? The RV5 is one of those small yet extremely effective solutions when it comes to that. This pedal has an appeal that attracts all kinds of guitarists, experienced and new users are both satisfied by its magnificent design and quality features.


This compact pedal features six of the manufacturer’s finest high-quality reverb options, and various buttons meant for refinement and adjusting. All neatly presented on its front panel. The pedal’s compact design is complemented by its physical size, which is 2.9 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches, and it weighs a mere 1 pound. It requires one 9V battery to run, which is included in the purchased product package.


The featured reverb options of this fine piece include: Hall – blast a concert hall and impress your audience, plate – one of the original, classic reverb modes dating way back in to the past, Gate – for that drums effect that was most popular back in the glorious 80s, Room — used by many popular bands, Led Zeppelin included, Modulate – which gives you an option to detune your reverb to your refinement taste, and of course then fan-favorite Spring reverb option.

All producing high-quality sound output. The pedal’s controls also include buttons for adjustment of your sound level, desired tone, time and one of the above-mentioned modes.

This polished pedal excels at providing you that spacious and ambient tone. Whichever reverb you decide to play with, your sound output will be filled with depth and richness. This versatile pedal’s stereo in and out also make this lovely piece very desirable for guitarists that are using dual-amp combination configurations. Many users have been pleasantly surprised and amazed when using this fine piece. Even the “hall” sound, despite its metallic sheen can sound thick and full with a few adjustments. After all, the perfect slick reverb will require a tube and we all know how costly they can be.


The digital RV5 pedal is one of BOSS’ finest products, if you want an ideal pedal for your guitar that provides outstanding sound and doesn’t take up much space, then look no further.

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