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Boss RC-300 Loop Station – The Absolute Master Of Loop Pedals

5 out of 5 stars

Hailed as the best loop pedal in the world right now, the Boss RC-300 is a true force of nature that can transform you and your guitar into a full-blown one-man legion. If you simply cannot be pleased by regular loop stomp-boxes and you need more, this is the one to check out.

This is a high-end product, but it really delivers a top bang for the buck. We took it out for a little spin, make sure to check out the full review in the section below.



Well this guy is big! We're looking at a total weight of 10.8 pounds and a size of 9 x 21 x 76 inches, as well as a set of three stereo tracks with dedicated footswitches. Each of the tracks has a dedicated fader, while the whole machine is capable of storing up to three hours of stereo-quality loopers through 99 onboard memory slots.

Apart from the standard looping features, the device offers a set of 16 built-in guitar effects optimized for loop use. Also included in the mix is USB connectivity, allowing you to export your tracks in .WAV format.

The looper requires a standard power supply to operate, which is included in the price.



Now this is where things get hot! First of all, we're looking at a whopping set of 8 footswitches. People say that a looper's worth is determined by the number of footswitches it has, and to an extent we agree with that peculiar sentiment. So, each of the three tracks has its own recording and stop buttons, and there's also a general effects pedal and a master switch for all tracks.

On the far right, the manufacturer added an expression pedal, which is not all that important for the loops, but comes as crucial for controlling the on-board effects.

But we've only scratched the surface here, as the device also utilizes a bit of a control room for adjusting the effects. The controls are intuitive, but also fairly advanced, so better make sure to dedicate enough time to master all the tweaks and tricks this guy has to offer.


In a nutshell, this thing has everything. On one hand, you get to prepare a variety of loops and actually craft an entire show ahead of the gig and then easily manipulate the loops on stage; on the other hand, we love how the effects are adjusted to be used in combination with loop pedals, securing maximum sound quality and zero poor, artificial audio.


When all factors are combined, this product offers a good bang for the buck. Yes, it's a high-end item, but you will absolutely get a high-end performance. Also, you will need to study that manual and invest your time into mastering this looper. It offers a lot of features, and you can't learn how to properly use them all in a minute.

With that out of the way, make sure that you really need an advanced loop pedal before buying this fella. Sure, it's one of the best items you can buy, but it also offers a ton of functions that simply aren't for everyone. But is this the finest guitar loop station money can buy? Yes, certainly one of the best!

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  1. K. Andrew Baguma says

    I really love this thing , don’t even know how to use it but just picture how much of a great performer it could turn me into. Am saving such that I could afford it one day

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