Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion – Easy To Control Bundle Of Heat

They call this fella the ultimate overdrive and distortion pedal for intermediate players, and we certainly agree that we’re looking at one of the top models of the mentioned niche. So, Boss OS-2, a distinctive mixture of OD and distortion effects, a great package and one of the company’s staple stompboxes… or is it? Let’s dissect this fella and see whether all the praises are well deserved!


The pedal comes with a standard Boss casing design featured on so many pedals out there, except that it’s dark yellow. Therefore, we’re looking at the same sturdy metal design, high reliability and build quality, same 1 Input + 1 Output jack combo, same light weight of around 1 pound, and same dimensions of 3.6 x 2.4 x 5.8 inches.

The pedal is very easy to use and all the control knobs are efficient and self-explanatory to a great extent. Seeing that the stompbox utilizes both overdrive and distortion, the user can dial in a truly vast array of different sounds. The device can be powered through a 9V battery or via standard adapter, none of which are included in the price.



The device features four control knobs, plus an obligatory on/off foot-switch on front. Let’s see what those knobs do now:

Level – A very standard knob on every pedal; used to determine the level of the effect that gets infused into the audio output. Essentially, the more you crank it up, the more overdrive/distortion and less clean guitar tone you will get in the sonic mix.

Tone – Used to adjust the brightness of the effect. The more you increase it, the darker the tone gets. Likewise, lower values secure strong brightness.

Drive – This knob determines the level of drive and gain. The more you increase it, the more gain-driven your tone becomes. Lower values will get you a light drive, while higher registry means full-blown metal crush.

Color – This one is pretty self-explanatory in our opinion. Basically, left means pure overdrive sound, right means pure distortion. Everything in-between is a combo of the two effects. Simple, right?


First of all, the pedal is easy to use, making it a fine choice for beginner and intermediate players. Secondly, it offers a very natural, tube-like tone, meaning that even professionals can use this one, as long as their distortion appetites aren’t too strong.

We found that this pedal really shines when utilized for hard rock and heavy metal music. If you want to capture the raunchy tone of say, Slash in Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle,” this is a fine pick. When it comes to specific guitars, this fella works like a charm when combined with classic Gibson Les Paul or Fender’s Telecaster.


When all is combined and sorted out, this pedal offers a great bang for the buck. It is versatile enough to cover anything from blues and pop rock to heavy metal, the tone is always on high level, it’s durable and reliable, and the price tag is more than fair. Thanks to the company’s clever mix of quality components and good pricing, this fella became one of the best-selling overdrives in the world. Well deserved, if you ask us!

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