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Boss FV-50H – Bland But Ultimately Effective And Reliable

4.6 out of 5 stars

Boss are known as the company behind some of the strongest volume pedals on today's market, but those high-end models come with a high-end price, and that's not something that every user is looking for.

But if you happen to be looking for that staple Boss quality in a bit more of an affordable package with a few proper budget cuts made at all the right places without sacrificing the essential features, then FV-50H is the choice for you. We took it our for a spin, check out our impressions in the rundown below.

Boss FV-50H


The pedal combines a metal base for solid foundation with a plastic pedal on top. The piece was crafted to be connected before guitar effects units and utilizes a variety of useful additions. First of all, this is a stereo device, meaning that it features a set of two inputs and a pair of output. While this is not essential for many players, the stereo configuration allows the user to plug in two instruments into the pedal at the same time, as well as distribute the signal to two amplifiers or sound systems.

Additionally, a Tuner Out jack has been included on the side, allowing you to connect a tuning device of your choice and keep your instrument in proper shape during performance.

On the aesthetic side, we like the black elegant finish for the most part, but we're not exactly thrilled by the blue bit with Boss logo on top. No big deal, of course.

The product weighs in a one pound, making it lighter than its full-on metal peers, and features a total size of 9.3 x 4.1 x 2.8 inches.

Boss FV-50H-3


What pleasantly surprised us about this fella is the addition of the Minimum Volume knob, which is a staple Boss mark and quite a nifty feature. It's quite a self-explanatory thing actually – a knob that adjusts the volume level when the pedal is set to the lowest value, or lifted all the way up. In our book, this is a way more useful feature than the Tuner Out jack – which is fine, of course – and really allows you to use the pedal in a more versatile manner.

Apart from that, the device's main thing is of course the pedal itself, which does a fine job in gripping onto the player's foot and delivering accurate volume adjustments.


When it comes to performance, the pedal is solid, especially at first, but many users report that the device gets worn out and a bit loose way more quickly than the company's FV-500H model for example.

However, for the listed price tag, we are definitely satisfied with the overall design, reliability, and even surprised with the presence of stereo operation regime and the Minimum Volume knob. We also like the convenient size and the fact that the pedal easily fits most pedalboards.


For the listed price, there's really not a whole lot of room for complaints. You get what you paid for, and then some. As far as value for money goes, this is one of the strongest devices of the entire niche that we can recommend. Good stuff!

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