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Boss FV-500H – Epitome Of What Volume Pedals Should Be like

4.9 out of 5 stars

As far as guitar volume pedals go, we consider the FV-500H model from Boss as one of the devices that simply have it all. Strong, reliable, packed with all the crucial features and then some, this fella is an option you pretty much cannot go wrong with.

There are a few things to take into consideration before buying this puppy, and we did our best to point them all out in the full review below. Let's do this!

Boss FV-500H Volume Peda3


The first thing that will probably grab anyone's attention here is the fact that this thing is sturdy as a tank! The heavy-duty aluminum casing and die-cast body easily make the FV-500H one of the most durable pedals we have encountered, if not No. 1.

Speaking of build quality, the device might be robust, but it also offers smooth and accurate operation, which is a great plus of course. The manufacturer decided to add rubber onto the pedal, securing that the player's foot is firmly gripped onto the device during performance.

This is a mono device, meaning that is utilizes a single input and one output. This allows you to connect only one instrument with the pedal, and doesn't allow the use of dual amps, which is perfectly fine with most users.

Also included in the mix is an expression out, which you can use to connect the device to any other effect stompbox in your arsenal and control its level through the pedal. Finally, there's also a tuner out to connect your guitar tuner to and keep your instrument in proper shape during live shows. Not an essential feature, but certainly a nifty one.

The product weighs in at 3.7 pounds and features a total size of 2.8 x 4.3 x 11.4 inches. This is a passive device, meaning that no power supplies are required.


Volume pedals are often simple devices in terms of controls, and this fella is no different. With just two control features, it's still advanced than a fair share of its peers, which only have a single controller.

Anyhow, that omnipresent volume pedal control is of course the pedal itself, which adjusts the level of total sonic output. The other control, conveniently located on the side, is the Minimum Volume knob, which adjusts the volume that will be delivered when the pedal is set to the lowest value, or lifted all the way up.


Despite being a chunky, robust fella, the FV 500H is smooth as a whistle, and that's probably the biggest surprise of all! The pedal's resistance is fully adjustable, allowing you to set up the gizmo any way you want. It's accurate, highly effective, loud and clear – we can't imagine any player out there would need anything more from a volume and expression pedal.

And speaking of expression mode – it's quite easy to operate, just connect the pedal with the effect via EXP jack and enjoy that same control smoothness we just praised.


Overall, this is a pretty strong contender for the flattering title of the best guitar volume pedal. The price falls within the boundaries of high-end products, but still delivers a top-level bang for the buck, and we really can't put a single complaint about it. Highly recommended!

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