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Boss EV­30 Review ­- A Classic Boss Solution

4.6 out of 5 stars

By now, Boss has affirmed a reputation of being a brand that nails just about everything guitar pedal related. Their EV­30 pedal only reinforces this claim. It is easily one of the most capable and efficient expression pedals you can currently find on the market. Lets take a closer look.



One thing that Boss knows how to do is a no­ nonsense effects pedal. When you look at the chassis of EV­30, it doesn't really have the appeal or aesthetic on the same level as some of their competitors. However, that doesn't matter much. Boss is all about practical value and pure functionality. In that sense, EV­30 offers a lot. We have a durable chassis that features no special aesthetics. Boss went with a fairly neutral, borderline boring color selection. However, that is something we are used to seeing from them. What matters the most is build quality. That part of the equation is solid. One surprise was the lack of rubber grip pads on top of the pedal itself. However, they did do a relief on the chassis itself, which appears to work just fine. The pedal comes with dual inputs and outputs, allowing you to control multiple devices simultaneously.



Much like other expression pedals, Boss EV­30 offers only the rudimentary. With that said, simplicity is in the core of all expression pedals, so there's nothing strange about this particular one. To be more specific, there are only two types of controls at your disposal. There is the main pot switch that is operated by manipulating the pedal portion, while the other one is the polarity switch. This switch is also where the pedal got its name ‘Dual Expression Pedal'. Having a polarity switch at your disposal means that EV­30 will be compatible with a much wider list of equipment and accessories. The main switch itself is properly put together. There is not much to worry about in terms of durability of controls.In general, Boss did a very good job with EV­30. They have included all of the essentials without adding any gimmicks.


The most important aspect of any expression pedal is its performance. When it comes to Boss EV­30, it is about as good as you would expect a mid range Boss unit to be. In other words, very good. The throw of the pedal is very natural, making it easy to get used to using it on a daily basis even if you have limited experience with this type of pedals. The fact that it comes with two sets of inputs and outputs means that you can hook it up to two different devices or pedals and use them at the same time. What all of this amounts to is an expression unit that is practical, comfortable and fairly affordable considering what it brings to the table. Naturally, that is exactly what we would expect to see from Boss in the least.


Although it is not the best looking pedal out there, Boss EV­30 compensates in ways which are much more important than aesthetics. It is a very solid performer that will take the wear of stage abuse and keep going day in, day out. At this price, it is a steal.

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