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BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal – Temporal Manipulation On a Budget

4.6 out of 5 stars

BOSS is a certified and well-known name in the guitar world. They’ve proven themselves time and time again, with putting out impressive and reliable “stomp-boxes” on the market. Whether it is delay, reverb or both, you name it. The DD-7 Digital Delay pedal is one of their many genuine pieces of work.


The manufacturer has taken some of the best features from its predecessors and incorporated them into this tiny wonder pedal. This classic delay pedal has a very elegant and compact design, with distinctive colors making its options visibly clear if you’re playing in a dark room or dimmed concert hall. Its 20 x 25 x 20 inches size and 1 pound weight, complement its compact design. It fits right in to your hand, which is typical for the manufacturing company in question. The pedal also offers two input and two output slots.



This pedal features an abundance of options for tuning your delay and loop, made sure to appeal to the taste and preference of various guitarists, regardless of what you’re playing. The versatile pedal’s functions of control for tuning your delay time include:

Reverse – giving your sound an unusually awesome exotic sound that you can use to add variance to some sections of your song. Modulate – offering you a chorus-like sound, and Analog – the highlight of this pedal, which replicates the familiar sound of the old school DM2 “stomp-box”.

The pedal also offers an external footswitch, which you can live without. You can use the Tap Tempo just by pressing the pedal’s footswitch for 2 second, and tap the Tempo afterwards. This pedal offers from 1 to 6400 ms of delay, and it is capable of holding up to 40 seconds of loop time. It also offers options for controlling your exact Delay Time, Effect Level and Feedback, as witnessed on the box.


This outstanding delay pedal produces immaculately clear sound, and it is capable of excellent reproduction. With simple and very approachable controls, you can fine-tune your sound very fast. Find your preferable settings, the proper amount of feedback and delay that suit your taste, and you will be one very satisfied guitar player. This pedal can and will come as a refreshment that sets itself apart from other popular modern devices on today’s market.


The DD-7 is an affordable delay pedal that eliminates some problems from its predecessors, but also adds new cool, and high quality features that are in popular in the established company’s previous devices. This pedal will definitely give you a run for your money, whether it’s your first or tenth pedal, you will be amazed.

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