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Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus Pedal: Two Legends — Premium Pedal

4.8 out of 5 stars

The CE-2W chorus pedal is part of the unique high-end Waza Craft line of Boss pedals. First introduced back in 2014, with the aim of delivering the highest quality possible through analog components, refined circuitry, and meticulous attention to detail.

The CE-2W is the chorus offering, based on both Boss’s first-ever pedal (and the world’s first-ever chorus pedal) – the CE-1 – and the equally iconic CE-2. This modern unit gives the term ‘best chorus pedal’ a whole new meaning… and it’s one we just had to take a closer look at.

Boss CE-2WFeatures

Any Boss product that bears the Waza Craft name is something worth paying attention to – especially when it comes to pedals. The series combines the best features of Boss’s most iconic pedals, along with some additional features that truly take it over the top.

As mentioned, the CE-2W uses the legendary CE-1 and CE-2 pedals as its inspiration. In the standard mode, it’s a faithful reproduction of the CE-2, which was a big hit in 1979. However, flip a switch, and you’ll find yourself in CE-1 mode, with a different sonic landscape and a vibrato option. As for the improvements over the originals, you’ll find a stereo mode for the CE-2 setting, along with variable depth control for the CE-1.

It comes in the standard rugged Boss stompbox footprint, with a large hinged pedal to activate the effect instead of the traditional footswitch button found on the majority of pedals. Power options are either a 9V battery or a DC adapter, which isn’t included, while I/O connections comprise a single input and two output jacks for stereo operation.

ControlsBoss CE-2W

For all that the CE-2W does, the control set is actually pretty straightforward, with just two main knobs – one for controlling the rate of the chorus effect, while the other tends to the depth.

In between these knobs, you will find a small slider switch. That allows you to toggle between three different modes – the CE-2 reproduction, the CE-1 chorus setting, and the CE-1 vibrato tone (which is actually a special type of chorus that offers a strong modulation effect).

Other than that, you have a single LED at the top of the face that lets you know whether the effect is on or off, while also doubling as a battery strength indicator.


Boss effects are so iconic for so many players, and the tones you can achieve from the CE-2W are simply incredible. The CE-2 mode gives you more of a modern slant on chorus while flipping over to the CE-1 mode with that classic spacious sound flashes you right back right to the ’80s. Regardless of the mode you prefer, the overall sound is lush, full, and pure. It’s even more impressive when you remember that you’re actually getting both classic pedals for the price of one.

Classic Boss pedals are legendary not only for their sound but for their durability as well, and the CE-2W is no exception to that rule. With its robust design, we have no doubt that it will hold up for the long haul, and it’s certainly reliable enough to take a key role on your gigging pedalboard.


The CE-2W is simply another great product from the effects masters. The high-end analog circuitry, the modern additions, and the simple fact that you have the power of two iconic Boss chorus pedals at your feet take it over the top when compared to other pedals on the market. Even for the slightly higher price tag, this one offers great value.

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