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Boss Acoustic Singer Pro Review – Powerful Acoustic Amp for the Solo Performer

4.8 out of 5 stars

Solo acoustic gigs are all the rage and a perfect way to perform – just you, a guitar and an amp. Yet, anyone who has ever done one will tell you that lugging around a ton of gear by yourself is the less glamourous side of the job. With the Acoustic Singer Pro amplifier combo from pedal masters Boss, much of the hassle is stripped away. This is a very flexible pro-level acoustic amplifier that promises gigging musicians all they need in a convenient package. Let’s take a closer look…


The Acoustic Singer Pro was made for quick setups on the stage. It packs 120 watts of solid-state power and an 8” speaker along with a 1” dome tweeter into its sophisticated brown enclosure. At just 32lbs, it’s not too tricky to move around either.

Two ‘channels’ are available, although unless you are familiar with acoustic-style amps, you may get a little confused by this term. There aren’t two separate channels just for your acoustic – the Acoustic Singer Pro is designed to have one channel with its own input for your guitar, and another with a separate input for a vocal microphone.

The guitar channel has an EQ section along with other features designed especially for managing a plugged-in acoustic, while the vocal channel is tailored to make your voice sound great at the same time. Each channel has an anti-feedback option along with specific onboard effects – including chorus, reverb and delay – to enhance your overall sound.

A built-in looper function helps to make your one-man-band sound like a room full of musicians, and the unique harmony function generates vocal harmonies. Meanwhile, USB connectivity lets you record directly to a computer, while it also has a headphone jack and an aux input, as is standard on most amps.


Changing settings on each channel is a breeze thanks to the intuitive layout of the controls. Pushbuttons and knobs are the name of the game here, which are perfect for seeing where a particular setting is at a glance (as opposed to having to dig through a menu).

As mentioned, both guitar and mic channels have their own controls for EQ and effects. The Harmony and Looper sections have their own LED indicators to display their operating modes, and a master volume knob controls the overall sound level. To note, each channel has its own volume knob too, so you can mix the levels to your taste.

One of the very few areas where the Acoustic Singer Pro may fall a little short is the fact that it does not come with a footswitch. For this price, it probably should – especially when that footswitch enables all of the flexibility this amp can give you in a live setting.


When we first looked over the Acoustic Singer Pro, one of our initial thoughts was, ‘An amp meant for gigging is this small?!’

However, once you fire it up, you quickly realize that the size is not a concern. The sound coming from that tiny 8” speaker is simply unbelievable. Not only is it incredibly loud, each channel lets you dial in that perfect tone.

The chorus on the guitar channel is a really nice touch for sweetening up a dry acoustic, while being able to add a touch of delay and reverb on your vocals adds a richness that a standard PA just can’t match.

The Looper and Harmony functions also really work well, and when you get into using them, you may soon pass the point of no return – you’ll find you just can’t gig without them!


There is a lot of competition in the market for a good acoustic amp that will also double as a mini-PA for vocals. That can make it hard to pick one from all that’s available. However, from what we’ve seen with the Boss Acoustic Singer Pro, you may be able to call off your search. This one is extremely portable, has a great set of features for each channel, is LOUD, and – most importantly – it sounds great! Professionals and regular gigging musicians take note!

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