Blueridge BG-2500 Review – Historic Style, Huge Sound

Whether performing on stage or relaxing at the ranch, this beautiful flagship model from Blueridge’s BG series combines true 1930s style and huge sound. Clearly inspired by Gibson’s iconic J200, this BG-2500 is more than just an affordable copy –it’s a premium guitar with its own unique characteristics, and is fast becoming one of the most wanted super jumbo guitars on the market today.

Blueridge BG-2500 Body

Body And Neck

First things first –it’s big. This super jumbo measures 21” in the body, with an overall 25.6” scale length. While it’s big to hold, it’s by no means uncomfortable to play, and feels lovely in your hands – especially the smooth neck. The woods used are also top quality. You’ll find a lightweight solid Sitka spruce top, with scalloped X-bracing for a big tone, and a vintage high-gloss finish. This is bound to an AAAA-grade solid maple back and sides, which are beautifully-flamed and delightful to admire. The neck too is crafted from flamed maple, and is reinforced with an ebony strip for additional strength and flair. The guitar features a true 1930’s Art Deco-inspired style – with no Art Nouveau creeping in – with large Art Deco-syle white pearl inlays adorning the ebony fretboard, which features 20 frets (14 in the clear). The final thing to mention is that, despite being made in China, there’s no lack of quality, as the stereotype may dictate – the craftsmanship on the BG-2500 is just superb.

Blueridge BG-2500 Headstock


The guitar – as you’d expect with any steel-string acoustic – isn’t swimming in hardware, but what it does have is solid, and complements both the look and playability very well. The Blueridge-branded headstock of the BG-2500 fans out to display six gold-plated Gotoh tuners with green Keystone-style buttons, offering a smooth 14:1 gear ratio, which keeps the guitar in tune well. At the other end you’ll find an ebony bridge with a bone saddle, which also features Deco-inspired pearl inlays, while the large eye-catching tortoise-shell pickguard finishes things off nicely. The only negative is that the BG-2500 does not come shipped with a case – for a guitar in this price bracket you’d expect something solid and protective to store it in.


This guitar can really sing and offers everything you could ask for from a jumbo acoustic. The tonewoods all play a part in creating a very powerful and rich sound. The spruce – with its unique X-bracing – offers crispness and clarity, while the maple gives it big volume, meaning no excess force is needed to find booming sounds capable of filling any room. While the big projection is a selling point, played softly is where the subtle character of the BG-2500 shines through. It’s a perfect guitar for strumming in particular, and excellent for accompanying vocalists.


While this big and bold style of guitar may not be for everybody, its Art Deco-inspired decoration, excellent materials, and superior build quality, make it a highly desired instrument for any style of playing. Whether you’re a cowboy, country western star, or just pain ol’ strummer seeking a big sound and head-turning style, the Blueridge BG-2500 is likely to be first on your list.

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