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Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H Review – When Affordable Meets Versatile

4.8 out of 5 stars

Behringer's reputation is marked by their affordable amplifiers which offer the user some sort of flexibility. When it comes to bass amps, Ultrabass series heads are the perfect representation of this policy. The one we are looking at today, Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H, is among the best bass amp heads you can grab at the moment. Especially if you are looking for an affordable solution capable of performing on and off the stage. Let's take a closer look.

Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H Control


In terms of controls, BXD3000H gives off a strong vintage vibe. This amp comes with a 7-band graphic EQ that is placed in the middle of the control interface. On its left side, you will find Gain 1, Gain 2 knobs, as well as Shape and Level knobs. On the right side, Behringer went with a Compressor knob, Ultrabass and Master level knob. As you can see, there is a lot of parameters to tweak and play with. For an amp that is this cheap, having this kind of versatility is a huge plus. One great thing about that graphic EQ is just how accurate it is. Sliders offer a decent feedback and feature a built-in LED. This way you can easily adjust the tone even in darker environments.

<Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H Feature


Behringer might have spiced up the controls a bit, but they retained a fairly simple core design. BXD3000H comes with two channels which are controlled via footswitch that is included in the package. On the back, you will see both XLR and line outputs. These are all balanced, which broadens the range of compatible gear. When it comes to power, Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H packs some 300 Watts RMS. The power is produced by a Class D unit – a completely understandable solution. After all, you can't really expect an analog wonder in this price range. Interestingly enough, BXD3000H comes with rack mount brackets, hinting that it was designed for stage use from the beginning.


Having an accurate 7-band graphic EQ as well as the Ultrabass feature means that there is a very generous amount of tone-shaping potential at your disposal. Being light and powerful, Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H is a perfect solution for any performing bass player who is just building their first setup. The tone is pretty decent for a standard Class D unit, although having the Ultrabass sub-harmonics processor definitely helps in this regard. What makes the BXD3000H so attractive is the fact that you can hook it up to a speaker cab of your choice and you are ready to hit the stage. The amp is more than powerful and decent for that kind of application. The EQ might need some getting used to, but it's generally pretty intuitive.


When it comes to bang for the buck value, it is really hard to beat the BXD3000H. This thing offers so much at a price that is too hard to resist if you are on a budget. On top of that, Behringer has shaken off that unfavorable reputation from not so long ago. In other words, this Ultrabass head is as solid as it can be. Whether you need a powerful practice head or something to gig with, do yourself a favor and look into this amp.

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