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Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 Review – Killing Noise On a Budget

4.8 out of 5 stars

The way Behringer is capable of producing some of the best effects pedals in the affordable range can be a lesson for every single effects pedal manufacturer out there. One thing we have to appreciate about Behringer's approach is that they focus on the core performance, and leave things like exterior design or aesthetics at a distant second place. If you are a pragmatist, you will love their pedals.

Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 is a perfect example of one such model in the noise gate segment of the market. It packs a mean punch for what is essentially a dirt cheap price. In some ways, this combination makes for a pretty efficient noise gate unit without ruining your bank account.



Even though it's not supposed to knock you off your feet with its capabilities, Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 actually packs a decent set of features. There are two modes of operation available – Mute and Reduction. On top of that, you also get separate input and output line for an isolated effects loop where you can hookup other pedals you want to gate.

That is something you won't even see on much more expensive models, let alone affordable ones. The case it comes in screams cheap, but that doesn't matter all that much. The pedal works, and it works more then well.



In terms of controls, there are several at your disposal. First and foremost, you have your standard Threshold and Decay knobs. These are pretty sensitive, although they don't feel all that great under the fingers. Nonetheless, you can still be somewhat accurate, which will satisfy most reasonable needs. The other thing that you can manually adjust on this pedal is the Mode. Mute and Reduction are something you can find on a number of more expensive pedals, and these two generally represent two different levels of noise gating.


Performance wise, things are looking good for the Behringer Noise Reducer NR300. The brand that makes effects pedals used by legendary guitar players of our time is bound to get you decent bang for the buck, that's for sure. There is enough precision in the controls for a normal use, and the pedal is capable of dealing with most hissing or other signal interference.

The attack and envelope aspect of your raw signal won't change, which is pretty great considering the price. Whether it is capable of filtering everything out is not really a question you should be asking in this price range. With that said, Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 does a more than decent job all things considered. Add that effects loop I/O cluster to the mix, and you have a pretty capable little stompbox. Speaking of which, just remember to go easy on this thing as the enclosure is not really that durable.


At the end of the day, Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 is the winner of the low price noise gate solutions. It does everything a good gate pedal need to be able to do, and it does it under budget. Those who are struggling with finances at the moment, but would like to include a noise gate in their lineup, should definitely check out this Behringer pedal. It's well worth the investment.

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