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Behringer C­1U Review -­ When Less Is More

4.3 out of 5 stars

Behringer is a brand that so many musicians, producers and engineers turn to when they need a solid piece of gear that won’t cost an arm and a leg. When it comes to mics, the original Behringer C-1 is exactly that – an affordable but high-quality condenser mic that proves very popular. Today, however, we are taking a look at the USB version of this mic – the C-1U – to see what it can offer those who would rather plug n’ play.



For a super-affordable USB microphone, the design of the C­1U is up there with the best – nothing overly dramatic, but ultimately very sleek and tasteful.

Just like the original C-1, this USB version features a classic pill-shaped body made from a rugged aluminum with a classy champagne finish and a nice weight. The grille is also all-metal and features a side-address configuration. With this elegant finish and no other unnecessary décor, the C1-U looks very professional and would easily slip into any studio environment.



In terms of features, everything starts with Behringer’s medium-diaphragm capsule, which features a 0.62” diameter to offer an authentic condenser sound. In terms of specs, this mic’s highlight is its large 136dB max SPL, which is very commendable for such an affordable USB microphone. Everything else is pretty standard – such as the fixed cardioid polar pattern and 40Hz to 16kHz frequency response range – which is decent in this price range.

There isn’t much else to discuss when it comes to features, although this mic ships with a handful of accessories including a stand mount, mic stand adapter and USB Cable, although no bag. Behringer might have kept things simple, but the overall build quality and components they have used paint a very promising picture.


Aside from its strong looks and commendable hardware, the C­1U delivers a great core performance. Ultimately, vocals are where the C-1U is at its strongest, capturing both male and female voices well, with good clarity and some appreciated warmth. It does a decent job at cancelling external noise too, which is a plus. However, thanks to its relatively high SPL capabilities, the C­1U is also a good choice for those wanting to record acoustic guitars or other instruments with relative ease.


As you may have gathered from this review, Behringer’s C­1U comes across very well – certainly on par with its analog brother, the original C-1. For those who want plug n’ play mic capabilities as well as a good condenser sound – and all on a strict budget – then C-1U is a very smart choice.

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