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BBE Two Timer Analog Delay – Analog Masterpiece

4.9 out of 5 stars

For fans of natural old-school analog delay, BBE has crafted Two Timer, a top-notch pedal loaded with vintage sound and high-level specs. This thing is a niche product, so you'll get a high-end analog sound quality at a pretty alright price. However, delving outside of the analog domain is not possible.

This product utilizes one of the most sought-after inner circuitries and electronics in the world today, yet packs a rather fair price. Let's see what the BBE fella is all about!


Two things stand out here: the first one is the fact that Two Timer is sturdy as a tank. Not just that, but the red casing is very sexy in our humble opinion. Apart from that, this pedal is a bucket brigade chip-based model, which means it features one of the most sought-out electronic departments in the world of delay. As expected, this is one of the main factors behind the incredibly warm and organic sound.

Other notable factor is that the pedal gives you an ability to choose between two separate Time settings that you can individually set up. The item comes with a slightly heavier weight of 2 pounds and total dimensions of 8 x 3 x 6 inches. It can be powered through a standard 9V battery or via power adapter.

BBE Two Timer Analog Delay-3


Apart from the On/Off switch, the pedal is armed with 4 control knobs and another switch for changing between Time 1 and Time 2. Here's what they do individually:

Time 1 & Time 2 – These two knobs all adjust the delay time, or how long does the delay last. Each can be set up between 0 and 330 milliseconds, and of course only one can be operational at any given moment. This way, you can dial in significantly different tonal settings and change them with a push of a button.

Repeat – As a fairly standard control, Repeat is used to determine the number of delay repetition within the given time frame.

Mix – Pretty much an obligatory knob, Mix determines the presence of the effect in your sound output. The more you crank it up, the more delay you will get.


We've already touched on the matter of sound, but we'll point out once again that the sonic attack of this fella is natural and organic. We particularly like the grainy sound that creeps into the mix every once in a while, giving the mix a pinch of that roaring vibe.

Apart from that, this is one of the easiest pedals to use within the delay niche, proving that you don't need complexity for a high-end sound. All controls are very clear, there's basically three values to dial in and be on your merry way. We like this, it draws the focus away from tweaking and onto your playing, which is the crucial factor of your sound after all.


When all is said and combined, this is an excellent pedal. If analog delay is your thing and the listed price range works for you, then this product definitely deserves a spot on your consideration list. It's truly a powerhouse!

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