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Audio-Technica PRO 37 Review – Compact and Precise!

4.1 out of 5 stars

While Audio-Technica offers several impressive condenser mics in the budget range, they also show off a few overhead designs for instrument recording. The PRO 37 is one of these and a firm favorite on our chart of the best condenser microphones you can find for under $200. Let’s take a closer look!



In the world of condenser microphones, there are two main types you will run into – your standard studio condensers (used mainly with vocals) and overhead mics. These overhead mics, which Audio-Technica’s PRO 37 fits into, are designed to be used to record instruments. In the world of recording instruments, a small form factor is essential.

Audio-Technica has combined both a small build and quality craftsmanship to deliver a very strong and compact overhead mic. In true Audio-Technica fashion, the PRO 37 is simple and straightforward in its design, with a sturdy all-black, all-metal body that comes in at just under 4” long. In addition to being robust enough to withstand the inevitable beatings that comes with constant studio use, the PRO 37 is lightweight, which helps when you have to make it work with awkward mic stand angles.



The best thing about compact, lightweight overhead condensers is the fact that they actually aren’t too different from your regular condenser microphone when you look under the hood. This is even more apparent once you check out the specs. With a small diaphragm, the PRO 37 promises a frequency response range spanning 30Hz to 15kHz, with an instrument-friendly max SPL of 141dB.

As you may expect, this model supports a fixed cardioid polar pattern with a gold-plated XLRM connector, so 48v phantom power is necessary to run it. Audio-Technica also ships the PRO 37 with a mic stand clamp and a thread adapter, as well as a handy wind screen and a storage pouch.


The PRO 37 excels when it comes to the performance. As you may expect from a compact overhead mic, this model is not ideal for recording vocals – it’s certainly not out of the question, but this mic is at its most comfortable recording instruments, from electric guitars to aggressive drums. The PRO 37 adds so much boost across the entire frequency range that even the shyest acoustic guitars come out sounding full. The higher SPL also allows for easy recording of loud brass instrument as well as full drumkits.

The sound quality is good – perhaps a little gritty in places, but ultimately clean and detailed. Overall, it is a reliable tool for recording instruments and does well to isolate sound at the source, eliminating unwanted noises coming in from the sides and rear of the mic.


When it comes to recording instruments with utmost precision, the PRO 37 is a great choice. This mic has flexibility, reliability, character and, most importantly, plenty of power to deliver an all-round impressive performance. A great bang for your buck choice for studio engineers.

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