Antonio Hermosa AH-50 – Bringing a Unique Hybrid To An Already Niche Category

Antonio Hermosa AH-50 – Bringing a Unique Hybrid To An Already Niche Category
Body And Neck:


The Antonio Hermosa 50 is a rather peculiar classical model. The guitar features a chambered body, which changes things up a bit, to say the least. The body construction allows for inner sound resonance which greatly highlights the acoustics of your tones, making them “speak” louder. The chambered design also allows for magnificent compatibility with any kind of external amplifiers, and due to its light weight nature it is extremely portable. It is obviously different from guitars with a sound hole, not better or worse, and your choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, the fresh experience and surprisingly high quality offered by the AH-50 are undoubtedly worth it.

ah 50 Body

Body & Neck

The instrument’s body is made of a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, rounding off its sturdy yet compact structure. The mahogany neck hosts a rosewood fingerboard rigged with 22 frets and a 1.85 inches wide nut. The wider neck profile enables intuitive fingerpicking however it still feels like an electric guitar neck. The neck comes on a total scale of 25.5 inches.


The guitar’s hardware is at a satisfying quality level, packing your standard rosewood bridge and an inexpensive variation of 3-in-1 style gold tuning machines atop the headstock. The D’Addario strings are kept in check with smooth precision by the git’s hardware.

AH 50 Headstock


The electronics are not your average components slapped to give the guitar an “electric” label just for the sake of it. The instrument incorporates a hi-quality piezo pickup system tied to an onboard EQ and Tuner, which additionally bring life to your sound. The variety of tonal refinement options are brought to you by its Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls.


The quality of this instrument’s raw sound output can easily compete with its bigger brothers and sister surpassing its price range. If you want an easy to play instrument suited for beginners or an avid stage performer which sounds excellent when amplified – then this gitbox is a fantastic choice for you.

When you combine its qualities to its undeniably awesome looks, you get a true winner in your hands. The action and intonation are sublime, and the comfort brought by its attractive body and neck are on an entirely different level.


The AH-50 is great for learning, and it offers a cool vibe for an experienced guitarist as well. If you are set on strictly buying a classical guitar, then you may want to consider other options. However, if you’re determined to undertake the electric-acoustic route, I can boldly claim that there is none better to begin your journey with than this work of art.

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