AMT Electronics Chameleon – A True Shape Shifter

When you think of a multi-effect pedal, the first thing that usually comes to minds of many guitar players out there is some sort of overdrive and reverb combo. If not that, then definitely something along those lines. However, there are other forms of multi-effects pedals which are far from that archetype. A great example of what we are talking about is the AMT Electronics Chameleon. This pedal was designed to emulate various cabinets and microphones, thus giving you an effect of playing through a studio recording setup. Its pure ingenuity makes the Chameleon one of the most innovative multi-effects pedals out there.

AMT Electronics Chameleon


On a quick glance, Chameleon looks no different than your usual guitar pedal. In fact, it looks that much less interesting thanks to its fairly simple graphical design. In essence, you are looking a flat gray pedal with black letters. It doesn’t get much more boring than that. However, Chameleon was never designed to look good. Rather, it was designed to give your tone the type of quality no other type of pedal can. It comes with a simple input/output configuration, including the headphones out and aux in.

AMT Electronics Chameleon


When you look at the controls, you will see two rows of knobs. The upper one controls the size and flavor of the virtual cabinet while the bottom row allows you to change the position and orientation of the virtual microphone. All of the controls are very simple, intuitive and feature knobs big enough that you will be able to operate them no matter what. It is worth mentioning that the pedal reacts extremely well to input, allowing for pretty small adjustments which are still heard in your tone. Finally, there is your standard foot switch.


Gauging the performance of this type of pedal is not as easy as it sounds. AMT Electronics Chameleon does a great job at altering the tone of any guitar in a way that only a good mic/cab combo can. Maybe it is not sufficient for professional grade studio recording session, but in a live setting, it is simply impressive. A lot of guitar players want to sound live just as good as they sound on their recordings. Chameleon is there to give you this satisfaction, or at least bring you closer to that level of quality. How successful is it in this effort? Very.


In many ways we can label the AMT Electronics Chameleon as a practical tool rather than an effect pedal in its standard sense. Unfortunately, many guitar players are quick to overlook pedals
such as this one, despite it being able to bring the kind of performance boost no other pedal can. This situation becomes even more absurd if we take into consideration Chameleon’s more than reasonable price. As it is right now, this master piece from AMT Electronics is a true bargain if there ever was one. If you are serious about your tone, and are looking for unorthodox ways to spice it up, be sure to check out this pedal. It will be worth it to say the least.

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