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Ampeg SVT-7 Stack Review – The Monolith Of Quality Bass Tone

4.8 out of 5 stars

Ampeg’s track records when it comes to building powerful, bone shaking bass amps is pretty stellar so far. They’ve been at it for a while, so it’s fair to say Ampeg has mastered this game. Their SVT-7 head and SVT-410HLF stack only push this point further home. This amount of power is just impressive to look at, let alone use in any setting. Those who are looking for abundance of power at a price that is reasonable should definitely take a look at this stack. It is by far one of the best bass stacks at the moment.

Ampeg SVT-7 Control


The controls that come with the SVT-7PRO are flexible to say the least. The first thing you run into are the mute and -15dB pad buttons. Considering the power this amp brings to the table, that pad is more than useful. Next comes a built in compressor, which not only works but actually offers decent performance. Then we have the ultra hi and ultra low buttons followed by a three-band EQ. However, this is no ordinary EQ. Mid range control comes with 5 different frequency modes, giving you another dimension of tone shaping to work with. Next comes the FX level knob followed by a master volume knob. Overall, there are some standard and some not so standard options on this head.

Ampeg SVT-7 Feature


So, why would you want this stack? Well, how about the full kilowatt of power that it offers? That’s right, SVT-7PRO packs 1000 Watts being pushed through the 4×10 Inch speakers packed in the SVT-410HLF cab. The preamp stage in the amp features a single 12AX7 tube made by JJ. While it’s not the hottest 12AX7 out there, it’s more than suitable for this setup. However, the power stage comes in form of a Class D unit, making this a type of hybrid head. The power rating listed above is actual RMS value at 4 ohms. At 8 ohms, you are looking at some 600 Watts at your disposal. The absolute best thing of all is the weight of the entire package. The head is only 15 lbs. On the other hand, speaker cab is some 110 lbs which is to be expected.


The tone coming from SVT-7PRO stack is pretty humbling. They have geared the speakers to be oriented more towards the lower end of the frequency range, reaching pretty low. If you want to, you can scratch the bottom of the range at around 28Hz. On top of that, the cab is ported, so you
know the tone is going to be balanced to begin with. Tone shaping capabilities of the SVT-7PRO make it more than versatile. You can dial in a crisp, clinically sharp configuration or you can just unleash the girth. Either way, you have 1000 Watts of pure power to push your tone of choice into the area around you.


Ampeg’s SVT-7PRO stack is one of the most powerful packages you can grab at what is still a reasonable price. The overall performance is geared toward giving you optimal output, however there is more than enough definition to work with here. Needless to say, this stack is perfectly suitable for all kinds of gigging and stage performance.

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