Alvarez Artist Series AFK75 Folk Guitar – Award Wining Design Made Accessible

Alvarez Artist Series AFK75 Folk Guitar – Award Wining Design Made Accessible
Body And Neck:


Today’s menu features a standout performer from the renowned designers over at Alvarez, more specifically their award-winning Artist Series. There’s a good reason for the fame status praised upon the Artist Series, the line features impressive instruments, capable of unleashing stunning tones and variations of it, unique to the brand name alone.

The AFK75 Folk acoustic fiddle is marked as a folk guitar due to its design and (smaller) shape, do not mistake it for an instrument strictly meant for playing folk music, it is a common misconception which I don’t blame any user for.


Body & Neck

The guitar’s beautiful body is made up of a solid cedar top – hand selected “A-Grade” Sitka material. The sides and back are made of rosewood with a gorgeous natural gloss finish at the back, rounding off this beauty’s attractive chassis.

The mixture of quality woods and hand sanded ABS binding results in immaculate sound quality coming through the instrument’s steel strings. The manufacturers went all out in rosewood on this git, as you’ll furthermore witness on its neck and fingerboard. The fingerboard is rigged with 21 frets, pearl dot inlays and a bone nut 1.75 inches wide. All of this comes on a rough scale of 24 inches.

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The hardware on this gitbox furthermore enhances its qualities, exhibiting the manufacturers’ desire that this will be last acoustic guitar you ever buy. The headstock is a personal favorite of mine, it comes equipped with premium diecast chrome tuning pegs. Further along, you will come across the Alvarez bi-level rosewood bridge system. This flawless mixture ensures comfort, playability and crazy good string stability.


The AF75’s sound is deep and rich with a fine balance between its treble and bass sides. The action can remain untouched as it is already under control by the git’s magnificent hardware. The D’Addario strings absolutely shine here, showing there’s a good reason they’re individual best-sellers.

Your playing intention will remain intact resulting in sound output just as you had imagined it, with blazing fast responsiveness. Take a powerful swing at its strings or gently caress them and the instrument will respond accordingly. The plethora of capabilities are assuredly at your disposal, it’s up to you how you exploit them.


Feel free to ask around and you won’t find a better recommendation than his work of art in its respective price bracket. Its price is deeply surpassed by the guitar’s all-around qualities. A worthy addition to the Artist series, catering to a musician’s lust to properly express himself.

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