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AKG C214 Review – Choice Of Professionals Worldwide

4.8 out of 5 stars

The Austrian audio brand AKG is one of the biggest names in the microphone business, with an army of loyal users – and it’s no wonder why. Their products are used around the world by professionals in the audio industry, especially some of their higher-end models. The C214 shows off some very high-end features, although still comes in at a relatively affordable price – one of the reasons why it is among the best sub-$500 condenser microphones you can find on the market today. It’s time to take a closer look…



From an aesthetic point of view, there is a lot to like about this microphone. This is largely down to the fact that there is something truly vintage about the way this mic looks. Compared to most modern condensers – even those with a large diaphragm – the C214 looks like a relic of the past. And we love it! Aside from its top-class performance, this retro design is one of the best things about this mic.

The diecast all-metal chassis is quite short and stumpy, as the majority of the microphone’s body is made up of the dent-resistant double-mesh grille that covers the massive diaphragm. This isn’t there solely for aesthetics (even though it looks pretty cool), as it promises high-RF immunity. Designed, engineered and built in Austria, it’s instantly apparent that the C214 is a quality mic.



Pop the lid on the C214 and you will find some excellent components, such as the 1” diaphragm which sits suspended by a very complex system that helps reduce mechanical noise. In terms of specs, we have a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz and a 156dB max SPL, while the gold-plated XLR output signifies 48v phantom power is required to use this mic.

With a fixed cardioid pattern, this studio mic is not as customizable as some of the others we have featured. Still, it comes with some solid features such as a -20dB attenuation pad as well as a low-cut filter. It also ships with a universal H85 shock mount and a rigid metal carrying case, which are always a welcome addition.


What this all boils down to is a commendable performance. For a large diaphragm condenser, the C214 tends to be very flexible. Vocals sound so smooth and warm for both male and female voices. In fact, it is one of the most transparent large diaphragm mics you can find in this price range. The amount of clarity, definition and detail is what defines this AKG model.

This comes in rather handy when you want to capture the true nature of an acoustic instrument, including drums, and – with its high SPL capabilities – you can record just about any acoustic instrument you want, without risking negative effects. It doesn’t take much time with the AKG C214 to realize why this microphone is so popular. A truly professional piece of kit!


The C214 from AKG is one of the few pro-grade microphones that you can still buy for a relatively reasonable price. The amount of detail, clarity and purity it offers is impressive by any standard, while the cool aesthetics are an added bonus. For way less than $500, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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