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Adam Audio Sub8 Review – The Science Of Moving Air

4.9 out of 5 stars

ADAM Audio's Sub8 is a truly professional piece of kit. As such, it is also one of the best studio subwoofers you can grab for less than $1000. While it may not look every bit as extraordinary as some other designs on the market, this thing is all about performance.



There is a fine line between neglecting aesthetics and optimizing performance over looks. It just so happens that ADAM Audio are the masters of threading that fine line. The Sub8 we are looking at today really looks like the most basic subwoofer you could imagine. That is, on the surface. They have used proper MDF for this build along with practical and convenient solutions. For example, the controls are not all located on the back panel. Some of them are at the front.

The entire cabinet is finished with a nice, black vinyl that gives the Sub8 a very classy appearance. If you are wonderingwhether or not it will fit in aesthetically with the rest of your gear, you shouldn't worry. This is as neutral as it gets. Aside from that, build quality is every bit as good as you would expect it to be from ADAM Audio.



The core of Sub8 is its 8.5″ woofer that sports a 1.5″ voice coil. This entire setup is driven by a 160 Watt ICE amplifier, producing some 110dB of max peak SPL at 1 meter. However, the more important detail about the amp hides in its efficiency. It's optimized to a point where very little energy is converted to heat. In other words, this is the type of subwoofer you want to use for mixing all day long.

Controls are intelligently divided between the front and rear panel. In the back, you will find stuff like polarity switches and similar, which you don't use that often. The front is where your volume knob is as well as the crossover adjustment knob. Both of these are motorized so you can use them with a remote control. I/O includes XLR and RCA inputs, in both balanced and unbalanced versions.


Here's where things really become awesome. ADAM Audio tuned the Sub8 in a way where you get the optimal volume with most transparency. The sub itself easily reaches down to 28Hz, however, the linear response remains the same. In other words, you can go through its entire range and you won't experience any bias. That makes Sub8 from ADAM Audio a perfect candidate for serious studio use. It is also worth mentioning that the entire thing is pretty compact.

If you are looking for something that needs to be used in tight quarters, Sub8 is about as good as it gets. With proper dampers and a bit of tuning, you can make any studio monitors soundcomplete. All in all, ADAM Audio delivered a highly optimized solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Saying that ADAM Audio's Sub8 is anything but impressive would be an understatement. Sure, it's not the prettiest thing out there, but they just know how to make them perfect for proper studio use. It works great with just about every system, even your standard 5.1 home theater configurations.

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