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Adam Audio A5X Review – Monitoring On A Whole New Level

4.8 out of 5 stars

ADAM Audio's monitors are always a special treat. When they announced the release of A5X, the latest iteration in this series, we knew it would become one of the most capable studio monitors to be sold under $1000. Let's take a closer look and see what these speakers can offer.

Adam Audio A5X Design


On the outside, one could say that not much has changed compared to the former models in the AX series. We have a slightly redesigned cabinets, but other than that, aesthetically it is more or less the same deal. What is immediately noticeable are the all new front firing ports. ADAM Audio went on to tune these up, effectively addressing some issues that were connected with the previous models from the series.

Materials used, level of quality control and overall build quality are just impressive. This is the type of monitor that is impeccable right out of the box, no matter how close you get to look for imperfections. ADAM Audio went on to install the volume and power button at the very front of the unit, which may be a small thing, but it makes using the speakers so much easier.

Adam Audio A5X Features



The previous model of AX series was a great speaker, especially if you're the type of user who likes treble-heavy performance. However, there was a noticeable drop in the lower frequencies. Needless to say, A5X has changed all that. Even though it sports a ‘small' 5.5″ driver, this time around we are getting a considerably wider low end that feels tight and articulated. This change is a direct result of those redesigned reflex ports.

With the actual response range of 50Hz to 50kHz, you are looking at a very nimble monitor that can reach as high as you could ever need it to. With that said, response flat and impressively transparent. A5X sounds and feels like a much, much larger monitor, making it a perfect choice even for larger studios. Overall, ADAM Audio met and exceed all of our expectations with A5X series.


ADAM Audio A5X represents an evolution of a proven concept. There is nothing extremely different compared to previous versions, but enough changes were made to give it a completely new character. Needless to say, that character is impressive. If you need compact, capable monitors, A5X is the way to go.

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