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Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G20 – Little Known Gem In The Budget Range

4.8 out of 5 stars

Acoustic is definitely not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of guitar amps. They haven't really managed to establish their foothold in any of the market segments, which isn't all that surprising. Let's face it, there are a few heavy hitters in the industry who are simply dominating the competition. With all that said, Acoustic offers one amp that is among the best guitar amplifiers you can grab for less than $100.

Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G20


Right from the start, it is perfectly obvious that Acoustic went for a more basic design. They didn't want to add a whole bunch of features at the expense of overall performance. The result of such a decision is a pretty clean control cluster. Looking at it left to right, we see a gain and volume section followed by a channel select switch and a master volume knob. Up next comes the three-band EQ with a mid shift and that is pretty much all. If this amp was priced at twice its actual cost, we wouldn't blink an eye. However, considering just how affordable it is, even these basic specs are pretty impressive, to say the least.

Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G20


The main selling point of the Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G20 is its power. You will hardly find an amp capable of delivering 20 Watts worth of tone for the same amount of money. Its single 10 Inch speaker offers a great quality of tone. One of the main things prospective users worry about when presented with a somewhat less known amp such as this one is the build quality. For the most part, this box is as solid as it can be. The cab is made of decent materials, as are the control knobs. While some details might be a bit off, the core of the amp is made pretty well, which is what matters the most anyway.


When it comes to its performance, G20 from Acoustic is pretty much average. However, ‘average' for this kind of money is not something you see very often. Add to that its 20 Watts of power, and you are looking at a true hidden gem in the affordable market. Needless to say, this amp packs a whole lot of volume. You can even dosmaller gigs with it, given that push it to its limits. Cleans are pretty decent, with a lot of definition available while overdrives are nice and saturated. Its three-band EQ offers quite a bit of range for tone shaping, especially with the mid shift feature. On top of all that, G20 works pretty well with just about any effects pedal you might hook into your
signal chain.


Finding a good budget amp when you are on a really tight budget is harder than most people think. On a similar note, when you are in that situation, trusting a less known brand takes a lot of courage. However, Acoustic's Lead Series G20 is one amp you should make an exception for. It offers an incredible amount of power and performance for the money. If you are all about the bang for the buck, this is the amp for you.

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    I am wondering if there is a aux plug in so you can plug other forms of music? Or does it have wireless capabilities’ ?

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