Top 10 Guitar Stands – Complete Buyer’s Guide


Fun fact – even if you’re the most dedicated guitarist, your instrument will still very likely spend the majority of the day not in your hands, but on a guitar stand or in a guitar case.

Whether it’s during gig breaks or simply when you’re not playing in order to sleep, eat and have at least somewhat of a social life, guitar stands are there to offer a holding hand and take care of your baby while you’re away. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you get a good one!

But in order to find a suitable pick, you need to get acquainted with the options the market has in store for you, as well as to jot down your actual needs and preferences. Being a gang of seasoned gear-heads, we took the liberty of sifting through the market in an attempt to bring you the top guitar holder out there, as well as share all the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. First and foremost, let’s check out the basic types of these devices!

Types of Guitar Stands

In our opinion, there are six basic groups that you can opt for. They all belong to different price ranges and offer various type of support for your instrument. So let’s make a brief rundown first, here goes:

  1. Tubular
  2. A-frame
  3. Wall-mounting
  4. Premium
  5. Multi-guitar
  6. Racks

Additionally, there are the so-called walk-up stands, they hold a guitar in playing position at a height of your choice, so you can jam without holding it with a strap attached or with another guitar around your neck. This is a nifty option and a valid choice, but also not something we decided to dissect here, as we decided to focus on stands for instrument storing, and not live performance. With that out of the way, let’s see what each of these fellas is all about.

Tubular Models

This is arguably the most common type, the cheapest and most frequent option. They often come in a variety of beginner packages and stand out as the most recommended option to get started with. As always, there’s good stuff and bad stuff. Here goes:

Good things about this product: 1) It’s very cheap, often below the $20 mark; 2) It’s light, around one pound in weight; 3) It’s decently stable and offers support for the neck.

Not so good things about this product: 1) It’s actually not portable. Sure, it’s light, but you have to separate in into two or three parts for transport, the upper crooked part can not be folded, and those smaller pieces can get easily lost during travels; 2) It’s not all that stable; it’s decent, but not super sturdy.

On Stage XCG4

This fella pretty much epitomizes all the good stuff we said about the tubular options, and even excels with higher stability than some other models. It has a standard sleek black look, and is compatible with 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-string electric guitars, as well as 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses and the majority of acoustic guitars. It has a friction locking know to prevent the rotation, a stepped yoke and solid steel rod with a locking keyway, as well as a set of non-slipping rubber end caps.

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand
  • Compatible with electric, acoustic, and bass guitars
  • Friction locking knob locks in and prevents rotation

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A-Frame Models

We’re still in the domain of budget-friendly guitar stands, and up next are the A-frame models. These fellas are quite compact stable, and we personally prefer them over the tubular bunch. But once again, good stuff – bad stuff…

Good things about this product: 1) It’s cheap, once again easily falling within the under $20 department; 2) It’s easy to fold and transport. It’s always in one piece, and can even fit some of the cases and gig bags, which is awesome; 3) They’re great for live gigs.

Not so good things about this product: 1) There’s more chance that your instrument will fall if it’s bumped on this stand than on the tripod model. It’s simply because without neck cradle support, those bumps can shake up the guitar a bit more than usual; 2) Having the aforementioned neck cradle is actually a better option for your neck.

ChromaCast CC-Minigs

This one is affordable, has a secure lock and a stepped yoke that can securely fit 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-string electric guitars, 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses, as well as most acoustic guitars. Also included in the mix are soft foam arms and a rubber back rest to protect the instrument. It features an elegant black finish combined with durable metal construction that’s still light, weighing in at just two pounds in total. Total size is 2.5 x 16 x 12 inches, you can fold this guy in a matter of seconds and be on your merry way. Recommended for musicians with frequent gigs!

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure Lock
  • A-Framed Universal guitar stand with Secure Lock
  • Lightweight, durable, metal construction with Rubber feet

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Wall-Mounting Models

They are a significantly different option to each of the listed options so far, as well as to all other options on the list. They have a lot of advantages, but they also have a few disadvantages that render them useless for certain environments and applications. In our opinion, wall mounts are great, but we still agree that even an outstanding item of this kind, you will still need at least an A-frame or a tubular stand if you’re a performing musician. Let’s dive into those pros and cons now…

Good things about this product: 1) Once again, cheap, once again usually below the $20 mark; 2) These are VERY good for your guitar’s neck, as keeping the instrument gripped right under the headstock and floating in air is the optimal position it can be in; 3) They don’t take almost any space in your room; 4) Guitars look awesome when they’re hanging on walls, that one’s just a fact; 5) Guitars are more safe from kids, pets and people in general when they’re a few feet above the ground.

Not so good things about this product: 1) You can’t take them to a gig with you, now can you? 2) They’re not as easy to set up, require drilling and all that jive; 3) You need to make sure that the wall is strong enough and that you’ve placed them properly; otherwise, off goes your precious instrument; 4) Instruments are more exposed to outside humidity when that close to the wall; collisions with the wall are also a risk.

String Swing CC01KOAK

This is a cool little option from Cool Swing. It’s strong, sturdy, has a classy wooden block body crafted from actual hardwood, nice yoke pivots to tuck the guitar headstock in. It’s super light, weighing in at around 6 ounces, as well as easy to assemble. The package contains a block, a yoke, two screws two drywall anchors, and that’s it! The item can hold anything from light guitars to heavy basses, covering the needs of vast majority of players.

String Swing CC01KOAK Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger
  • The #1 Selling Guitar Hanger from String Swing
  • Yoke pivots to cradle the instruments headstock

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Hercules GSP38WB

Hercules is a company typically associated with premium models, but they also offer wall stands, and this fella happens to be one of the best out there. It goes by the name of GSP38WB and it combines the company’s distinctive Auto Grip System (AGS) hanger that will grab a firm hold of the instrument and keep it in the absolute top shape at all times, reducing the chance of the guitar falling off it to zero. It has a classy wooden base, and an auto swivel yoke fully covered with a specially formulated foam. It’s light, convenient and classy – you wanted a high quality wall stand for guitar, you got it!

Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood Base and Auto Grip System
  • Attractive Wood Base for home mounting
  • Auto Swivel yoke has an AGS hanger that can rotate automatically for...

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Premium Models

What they consider as premium stands these days is essentially a combination of tripod and mounted models. These fellas grip onto the headstock and leave the guitar hanging like wall models do, but also offer body support, as well as portability of A-frame and tubular stands. To sweeten the deal, these are also the most portable options – yes, despite being significantly larger than the first two types. That’s just some top-notch engineering for ya. Anyhow, good stuff bad stuff time!

Good things about this product: 1) Super portable; 2) Best quality; 3) Far superior neck and guitar support to tubular and A-frame models; 4) Very stable.

Not so good things about this product: 1) They cost at least two or three times more than tripod and A-frames; and that’s about it, if you can afford them, buy them!

Ultimate GS100 Support Genesis

This one’s the affordable high-end option, so to speak. Crafted by Ultimate, the GS100 model features a hanging-style security yoke, as well as a patented leg locking system to prevent it from folding. The best thing about this item is how easily you can fold a multi-part product that’s over 45 inches tall when assembled into a compact bundle that can easily fir a gig bag. It can take one anything from light acoustic guitars to heavy solid-body 6-string bass guitars.


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Hercules GS415B A/G

If you have even more of those extra dollars to invest and really want a good guitar stand, we say give the GS415B model from Hercules a look. Similarly to the Ultimate model, this is a tall product that can be folded into a convenient package, but the most important feature that makes it stand out above the rest in terms of quality and efficiency (and price, yes) is the comfort grip. This puppy grabs a super firm hold and makes it pretty much impossible for the instrument to fall out of the yoke. You wanted the best, you got it! But wait, there’s more options…

Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand Fold Neck
  • Comfort Grip

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Multi-Guitar Models

If you want to slam two – or three flies with a single swing, we say get a multi-guitar stand. The name of this product is quite self-explanatory, and it is indeed a mixture of two or three stands molded into one. They’re practical and they save space. Needless to say, you’ll need more than one guitar for them to make sense.

Good things about this product: 1) They fit multiple guitars in smaller space, thus saving space; 2) Holding several instruments on one piece of equipment actually makes it more firmly gripped to the ground.

Not so good things about this product: 1) Guitars can be in odd positions to reach, especially if you place them near a wall or in a corner.

Hercules GS432B A/G

Hercules is our strong contender for the title of the stand manufacturer, hence you should not be surprised by their repeated appearances on the list. This specific model – the GS432B – utilizes the company’s signature Auto Grip System (AGS) yokes, as well as a specially formulated foam and nothing but high-end components. The yokes are placed at a good angle, so the guitars are a bit further away than with some other models, pretty much removing the only negative point we had about this type of products in the first place.

Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand
  • 3 folding Auto Grip System yokes
  • Comfort Grip

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Guitar Racks

Finally, for all you gals and dudes out there that prefer rocking more than three guitars, a good ole rack is your best option. If you’re a touring artist, or a studio owner, it is in our opinion that you simply must own at least one rack. They’re highly practical and portable considering how much instruments they can hold (up to 10 with some models!), but of course aren’t perfect either. Good stuff bad stuff time!

Good things about this product: 1) Can hold a very impressive amount of products in very small space; 2) Very portable considering their capacity; 3) All instruments are easy to access; 4) One rack is certainly more affordable for the players with a number of guitars.

Not so good things about this product: 1) Instruments are too close, which can cause bumping and ultimately damage; 2) Due to the first down factor, you have to be very careful while putting a guitar into a rack, which is often not something musicians do during live shows; 3) They might be portable considering the amount of instruments they hold, but they’re still chunky little beasts.

Fender 5

We chose this as the medium option, as we believe that five is a number of guitars at which many players kinda stop at. With this rack, the instruments are firmly positioned thanks to a gripping rubber that was utilized both for body and neck stands. Another great factor is that each instrument has its own neck holder, separating them enough to reduce the chance of collision and bumping. It folds nice and neatly, combining sturdy steel foundation with finish-friendly foam padding. Good stuff!

Fender 5 Multi-Stand
  • Keeps your guitars and basses readily at hand easily and conveniently
  • Perfect for stage and studio alike

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What To Look For When Shopping

The first thing to watch out for is of course to make sure that you have at least one stand for each of your guitars. Apart from that, stability is the word of the day. Without it, no gimmicks can compensate the fact that your guitar can suffer severe damage due to poor build quality.

Additionally, you’ll want to look out for finish-friendly options that don’t go hard on your guitar’s body. Finally, portability can be a major factor for gigging musicians, and that’s why we believe that if you have frequent gigs, the best possible option is to pick one of the items listed under the Premium category. Apart from that, it’s nice to have a wall-mount to proudly display your tools of the trade at home, but don’t forget to keep your guitar in a casing from time to time and keep it properly humidified. For more info on those crucial bits, check out our guides on guitar humidifiers and the guitar cases.


We have steadily reached the very end of our journey, ladies and gents! We hope you’ve learned something about guitar stands and which ones are worthy of your consideration. Speaking of which, each of the listed items here is worthy contender for your money within their respective branches. So right now it is just a matter of you singling out your exact needs, preferences and exact spending budget in order to find the product that fits your needs to a tee. But regardless of which item here you chose ,we believe you will make a purchase you cannot regret.

Apart from that, we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and keep track of the site to stay in touch with the latest finest deals in the world of guitars and music gear. Rock steady, roll easy!

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  1. I don’t know why people keep rating the Hercules models so high? After a while, some have had shorter time frames, the handle eventually oozes out something sticky all over it and crumbles into peices when you press it. It happened to me as well. Read some horror stories about the Genesis as well.

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