17 Awesome Ideas for Guitar Players Gifts


It’s a well-known fact that buying presents for people can be hard! It varies between individuals of course, but you’re often left between buying something that might end up being useless for the given person, or simply buying booze or something generic like that.

But if your friend happens to be a guitarist, you’re in luck! Investing in an instrument you love is a bottomless money-taking pit, every musician knows that! And while some gear components are major investments, there’s actually a string of products that are cheap, yet super useful.

It’s just a matter of knowing your stuff, and you can easily get an affordable gizmo that will genuinely surprise your guitar friend and put a smile on their face. We took the liberty of sifting through the market in an attempt to find the best gifts for guitar players and were actually overwhelmed by the results. After long hours of consideration, we narrowed our choices down to Top 17 picks. Check ’em out below.

14 Great Gifts For Guitarists

If you want to give your friend a gift that is actually useful and helpful for his guitar playing, we suggests one of the products listed below. There’s 13 of ’em, dig in!

Wedgie WPH001 Wedgie Pick Holder for Guitar, Single Packaged
  • This flexible pick holder uses a patented twist-lock design to mount...
  • Place the holder between the strings and rotate it 90 degrees, picks...

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Is your guitar friend constantly losing picks? Of course the answer is yes, they all are! So in our book, the Wedgie Pick Holder is one of the best ways to stop losing guitar picks. It’s a very simple device that latches onto your headstock firmly, yet gently, allowing you to place up to two picks on it. No glue, no sticky parts, just the good stuff. The only thing the guitarist has to learn is to develop a habit of putting the pick onto the holder whenever it’s not in use and that’s it.

Stage Ninja INS-26S Retractable 26-foot Instrument Cable with Neutrik NP2X
  • Instant Cable Retraction
  • 26 Foot Premium Braided/Noise Reducing Instrument Cable

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Another thing that many guitar players struggle with are tangled up guitar cables. They get tangled up during transport to the gig or rehearsal or jam, they get tangled up during the show, and then they get tangled up on the way home – enough is enough! And that’s where the Stage Ninja steps in: it’s a cable retraction system packing 26 feet of premium-quality noise-reducing cable. It’s strong and reliable, and features a system similar to what most vacuum cleaners utilize.

Guitar T-Shirts
We find the guitar shirts to be one of the presents that people enjoy the most. Needless to say, we do have our own funny guitar t-shirt shop. In fact, you will find a lot more than just shirts there. Do check it out, as there are are plenty of “gift” options that might be suitable for you.

Planet Waves Pacato Hearing Protection
  • Reusable, universal sized audio filter
  • Ideal for concerts and live performances

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While nifty gizmos are nice, it’s not difficult to argue that a product saving one’s health can easily make any other product on the list seem far less important. And that’s exactly what ear filters do. The thing is, while ear plugs are a cool product for severely reducing any chance for ear damage, they also cut out many of the frequencies, giving the player a distorted image of the guitar’s sound. But with ear filters, you will hear the exact tone of your guitar, only with reduced volume. Therefore, both the tone and the musician’s hearing will remain intact, leaving zero valid excuses on why not to use the filters.

Planet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter
  • Patented, high-quality peg winder with built-in string cutter
  • Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable use

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OK, the Pro Winder one isn’t the most glamorous item, and you might just say that it looks like a set of pliers or some other tool, but it’s actually super useful. It’s a small set of cutters optimized for guitar strings, with an added string winder. The device is super ergonomic and highly efficient, and believe us when we say it that it will make your guitar friend’s tuning process significantly easier. Oh, and did we mention it’s super cheap too?

Ibanez Quick access multi tool MTZ11 Guitar
  • 11 essential guitar setup tools. It is so compact that you can carry...
  • The convenient center holes in the MTZ11's body make it easy to access...

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Up next, we would like to kindly draw your attention to the Ibanez MTZ11, or the Swiss army knife for guitar players! This tool was crafted to make guitar maintenance easier by combining all the necessary gizmos for tightening or loosening a variety of guitar parts and devices. In our humble opinion, this item combined with the Pro Winder is an absolute must-have, and a great gift bundle for every axe lover out there.

Korg PC1 PITCHCLIP Low-Profile Clip-On Tuner
  • Compact, lightweight, and discreet clip-on style chromatic tuner
  • Display reverse assures easy viewing when mounted on either side of...

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Alright so a clip-on tuner is not exactly a rare item, and there a very, very strong chance that your six-string friend has a tuner already, BUT not everyone has a clip-on tuner. When it comes to these devices, convenience is the word of the day since they allow the player to tune right in the middle of performance. The reason why we singled out this particular model is the fact that while many clip-on tuners offer strong accuracy – this one included – the Korg model is by far the most durable one. Drop it, kick it around (actually, don’t), it can take it!

Fender Aluminum Slide - Cobalt Blue
  • Genuine Fender Slide
  • Made to Exacting Specifications

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If your friend is a fan of the blues, a guitar slide is a great choice. It’s not a bad idea to check whether or not your friend has a slide in their musical arsenal, but even if they do, an aluminum slide from Fender still might be a valid choice. These slides offer the same sonic quality of their glass peers, but are more durable and way less likely to break. The item is available in three colors – Candy Apple Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sage Green Metallic, and presents the player with a smooth aluminum vibe.

Heet Sound PLUSEBOW Plus E-bow for Guitar
  • Used to produce a variety of sounds not usually playable on an...
  • For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

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Now this one’s a bit of a wildcard! E-bow is a highly intricate tool that allows you to turn a guitar into a bonafide string, woodwind and horns orchestra. Note that this is not a gimmicky product, but an legitimate tool for crafting music that found its way to the music of such notable acts as Radiohead, Opeth, Blondie, and many more. As a good balance of quality and price, we recommend the Pulsebow model from Heet Sound. It can be used both for acoustic and electric guitars, delivering infinite sustain and plenty of room for experimentation.

Planet Waves O-Port Sound Enhancement for Acoustic Guitar, Large, Black
  • Richer, fuller, louder sound with more clarity and better projection
  • Simple installation by loosening or removing strings and fitting the...

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Sound enhancement is an item aimed only at acoustic guitar players. Essentially, it operates as a horn of sorts, enhancing the sound of the six-string without plugging the instrument into an amp or a PA system. It can fit almost any sound hole and requires no modification or major tweaks – just loosen or remove the strings, fit the O-Port into the sound hole, tighten those strings back and enjoy a much fuller sound. The item is affordable and comes in black or white color.

Music Nomad MN108 Premium Guitar Care 5-Piece Kit
  • The ultimate professional-grade five-piece care pack for stringed...
  • Guitar ONE is an all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax for everyday...

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If you’re not sure whether your friend likes to experiment, or has all the guitar tools, a choice you simply cannot go wrong with is a good guitar care kit. Everyone should take proper care of their instrument, and that’s where a premium item such as the Music Nomad MN108 comes into the picture. A great thing about this option is that even if your friend has a care kit, he’ll need a new one after a while, so the present will certainly be put to good use at one point in the future. The package includes a Guitar ONE all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and waxing product, a Guitar Polish deep cleaning and polishing of the body, fingerboard oil F-ONE, along with a pair of 16 x 12-inch lint-free, washable microfiber towels.

Pyle-Pro PPDLP02 DC PedalBoardPower Supply For Up To 10 Guitar Effects Pedals At 9 Volts
  • A Universal Power Supply For All Battery-Operated Guitar Pedal Effect...
  • Comes Complete With Cables And A Detachable AC Power Cord - Enclosed...

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As another product on the list aimed towards making the player’s life easier and less tangled up in cables, the Pyle-Pro PPDLP02 is a single adapter that can power an entire pedalboard. If your friend uses more than a single pedal, chances are that an item like this will be greeted with arms wide open. The Pyle-Pro is capable of powering up to 10 stomp-boxes at once and comes with an included set of cables and a single detachable AC power cord.

SpiderCapo Standard - the Studio Grade Capo
  • Fine-tuning of each string for exact intonation
  • Patented design for maximum sustain and full tone

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A classic capo is an item that grips all strings of a guitar onto a certain fret, giving the player an entirely different sonic perspective. The SpiderCapo does the same thing, but allows the musician to select the individual strings that will be held, allowing you to press some strings, and leave the others in open position. It weighs less than a single ounce, yet it’s sturdy as they get. If you’re wondering how to change guitar tuning without de-tuning the guitar, this is the answer.

Castiv - Guitar Sidekick Universal Smartphone Support System for Guitar
  • Works with any smartphone measuring 2.3" to 3.3" / 6cm to 8.5cm
  • Can be used with acoustic, electric or classical guitars.

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The basic concept is pretty simple – this is a standard phone holder that grips onto any smartphone on one side, while the other side is specialized so it grips onto the guitar’s headstock. This present is perfect if your friend uses tabs, notes, or any other online guitar learning tool, as it places the screen in the ideal position above the fingerboard, making the learning process significantly more effective. It’s also great for gigging musicians for displaying tabs, notes and even lyrics during shows.

4 Less Serious, But Still Awesome Ideas

While the products we have just listed are undoubtedly very useful, we also know that your friend simply might have them all or genuinely doesn’t need the ones they don’t own. We also realize that you maybe had something a bit more fun in mind, hence we decided to round up the list with four items that are very much on the fun side. Fun guitarist gifts, go!

Guitar Toilet Flush Handle -Satin Pewter- Front Mount
  • This electric guitar captures the essence of the instrument.
  • Music enthusiasts will enjoy this six-string.

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It hardly affects the tone, there are no groundbreaking sonic landscapes involved, and it doesn’t even touch the guitar, but man is it funny! Capturing the very essence of the instrument, this handle will get your friend to think about you while delivering yet another one of his brilliant solo pieces in the poo-poo room. Note that the product’s total size is 3.75 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches.

Coming from Head Case Designs, this iPhone guitar casing looks pretty darn cool, hence we decided to add it to the list. Just so we’re clear, we don’t even like novelty phone cases, but this one looked so cool to us that we just couldn’t resist. It’s stylish and available in a variety of options, including metal guitar, classic six-string, bass guitar, and more. Also, the price is quite low, so if you happen to be looking for a cheap present for guitarists, this is a great pick. Apart from the cool looks, the product does its primary purpose well, protecting the phone with a durable soft gel material construction.

Giftgarden Pendulum Clock - Hanging Wall Art Classical Electric Guitar Musical Clocks
  • The clock is quartz movement for precise accuracy, and the music...
  • The guitar wall clock will add style for room decor. The musical wall...

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Here’s yet another product we fell for because of the cool looks – an actual pendulum clock, guitar version! The image of this fella says it all – it’s a classic Stratocaster/PRS/MusicMan guitar-like clock to decorate any axeman’s room. The item is around 18.5 inches tall and the looks are modern and elegant, making the clock suitable for just about any environment from studio to bedroom. The clock is available in electric, as well as two acoustic guitar versions. If you want to really take a walk on the wild side, the manufacturer included a ukulele edition into the mix as well.

Marshall Compact Fridge
  • 4.4 Cu. Ft. fridge with authentic Marshall look
  • Convenient can storage

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Nothing gets to kick-start a rock ‘n’ roll party like a Marshall fridge full of beer or any beverage of your choice. If you’re buying a gift with a group of friends, we say gather all your funds together and buy this puppy, it will absolutely blow your guitar friend away, we guarantee it! And you know why we can guarantee it? We’ve done just that to a member of Guitar Fella staff, swooped him right off the ground!

As for the technicalities, this is a full-on freezer with all the regular features, including a can storage and a high-efficiency freezer. The product comes with a total size of 24.2 x 22 x 33.9 inches.

The Final Word

And that wraps it up, folks! Hopefully you’ve found your perfect gift for a guitarist here, feel free to look around some more and treat your six-string friend with one of these cool products right away. As always, make sure to stay tuned for best guitar deals on the web. Rock steady, roll easy!

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