Lohanu Ukulele Bundle Review – The Best Beginners Ukulele Package?

Lohanu Ukulele Bundle Review – The Best Beginners Ukulele Package?
Body And Neck:

When it comes to popular ukuleles, it’s difficult to find one as celebrated as this uke from Lohanu, who go the extra mile to deliver a great ukulele for beginners that offers style, tone, and great value. With a haul of convenient accessories, this bundle is shaping up to be the best beginner’s kit on the market today. Let’s see how it stacks up.


Body & Neck

While there are many things in the box, the most important is the ukulele itself – otherwise we’d have nothing to play! And this uke instantly feels like a quality product. You get to choose either a soprano (21” length), concert (24”), or tenor (26”) body, which all differ slightly in size and price. Naturally a tenor will be more suited for adults, while the soprano will work better for children.

The entire body is made from laminated sapele with a natural finish that shows off the attractive grain, while the top and back have protective ABS binding. The neck plays smoothly, and sports a rosewood fretboard and 15 frets, with simple dot inlays to help beginners find their way around. Although it’s certainly no high-end uke, it just feels very well-made – sturdy and comfortable, and exudes a general sense of quality.



Starting with the ukulele’s hardware, the headstock features four sealed die-cast chrome tuners which – after a little slipping when the strings are fresh – hold the uke’s tuning very well. Talking about strings, the Lohanu ukulele is pre-strung with a set of Aquila Nylgut strings, which are great quality, and certainly beat no-name strings. It also comes fitted with strap pegs, so using the included strap is simple. Very handy.

This bundle comes with a range of extras that make opening the box similar to Christmas morning. There’s a padded Lohanu gigbag to store and transport the uke, a clip-on digital tuner, two plectrums and a pick holder, and an extra set of Aquila strings. These accessories are all good quality too – unlike some of the extras included in other packs.


If you’re expecting a catch, you’ll be disappointed, because this uke has a lovely sound! Like its construction, it’s not high-end in the tone department, but for beginners – and even experienced players – it’s very appealing. Bright and lively, but with good balance. Interestingly, the back of the ukulele is arched, which is a huge plus in terms of projection. For the price, this sound is exactly what you want.


Lohanu really do strive to deliver an instrument that offers the complete package – and they succeed. The instrument alone probably justifies the money you spend, but when you throw in the accessories, it really punches above its weight. The sound is sweet, it looks good, and plays well. Beginners would be hard-pushed to find a better value package.

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