5 Recommended Guitar Humidifier Brands


The need for guitar humidifiers has been there for a long time. Keeping an optimal level ‘What Is The Ideal Humidity For Guitars And How To Achieve It’ of humidity is an extremely important factor if you want to keep your guitar healthy.

With that said, a whole market for these devices has evolved over time. Today you can choose from a whole range of different humidifiers, that use various ways to achieve the same result. Generally, two of the most practical designs are the soundhole humidifiers for acoustic guitars and the in-case humidifiers that are stored near the headstock of the instrument within the case.

Some brands came on top as the most trusted by the guitarist community, mostly due to the quality of their products and the ease of use. What we are going to talk about today are five brands that are often recommended to those who are looking to buy a guitar humidifier. Some of these you probably know, while others not so much. Let’s dig in

Guitar Humidifiers Brands That We Recommend:

Planet Waves

Planet Waves offers some of the best sound hole humidifiers on the market at this moment. Their line of products includes different types of humidifiers that come with different features. Planet Waves has become pretty popular over the years because their humidifiers are reliable and efficient.

Newer models come with a built-in humidity monitor. This isn’t really impressive until you take a look at their prices. Needless to say, they are very competitive. This is definitely one brand that you can trust to keep your instruments healthy at all times.


Kyser humidifiers are great and utilize a different approach than most guitar humidifiers do. They have a complete lineup of sound hole humidifiers that cover the whole port of a sound hole. Other sound hole humidifiers don’t do this; instead, they are mounted on the strings and lowered inside the guitar’s body.

The advantage of Kyser’s approach is that sealing the sound hole keeps the moisture circulating within a closed space, which achieves maximum efficiency. These come in different sizes that cover the majority of sound hole designs you can run into today.


If you need a simple and reliable humidifier, Oasis is pretty much the dominant brand. Their in-case humidifiers are the preferred choice of many guitar players, and they come at very competitive prices. Oasis humidifiers are known for their ease of use, convenience and overall quality that ensure your guitars will stay at optimal humidity.

They also have a great series of sound hole humidifiers that aren’t too hard on the strings, which is the usual complaint many have regarding this particular design.


D’Addario is a brand that is heavily involved in the acoustic guitar industry. They are the ones who spearheaded the design of acoustic guitar strings and have since spread their interests to just about anything guitar related.

D’Addario also happens to make great humidifiers. People like them because it’s one of the biggest brands in the business, which definitely guarantees a certain level of quality. Being so huge allowed them to develop extremely efficient and inexpensive humidifiers that offer the optimal performance no matter what kind of guitar you have.

Music Nomad

Music Nomad offers a wide variety of guitar humidifiers of different design, all of which are notorious for delivering the up to spec humidity levels. One of the most annoying issues people usually have with humidifiers is the fact that most of them use sponges of some sort to retain the water.

Music Nomad humidifiers don’t have this issue as they use a special type of synthetic sponge that eliminates dripping. Their in-case humidifiers are also some of the best you can get at the moment. Generally, great build quality and reliable performance are two main things that define Music Nomad as a brand. Trusting them to keep your instrument healthy shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.


These five brands are definitely among the most trusted and popular ones at the moment. Which one is best for you depends on your instrument and the type of humidifier you are looking for. Either way, you can’t really go wrong with any of the brands listed in this article. Each one will give you the performance necessary to keep your guitar sounding great, and prevent any damage caused by humidity or lack thereof.

With all these things out of the way, feel free to check out our list of Best Guitar Humidifiers.

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