Squier Bullet Strat

Squier Bullet Strat

Squier by Fender BulletStrat

Body&Neck:4.5 Stars
Hardware:4 Stars
Electronics:4 Stars
Sound:4.2 Stars
Value:5 Stars
Average:4.3 Stars

The BulletSrat guitar is a real low-budget solution (among the top guitars under 200 dollars), and you will love playing music with it as a beginner. It is coming from the manufacturer packed with everything an electric guitar should have and considering that this one is easy to use and to set up, it makes it a perfect contender for your first Squier instrument.

The Bullet series targets students and beginners, and they are proven be a top value for the money. When someone starts talking about $100 guitar, what I imagine is a low-quality instrument with unnatural sounds that performs poorly. This is not the case with BulletStrat. Do not expect to get premium sounds from this one, what you should be worried about as a beginner is dead fuzz and dead frets, and with this axe your potential problems are already solved.

SQBST-FRD_body-frontBody and Neck
The Stratocaster body is made of basswood and the guitar feels solid once in your hands. The one-ply pickguard is not that impressive, but we should not forget that we are talking about a low-budget, student guitar. It’s still big enough to cover a significant part of the git, so even if it does not look all that attractive, the guard will get the job done and it will protect your brand new instrument very well.

The fingerboard comes with 21 medium jumbo frets and is made out of rosewood. There is nothing much to say about a classic maple neck, just that there are cool white dot inlays that give additional style to this affordable masterpiece.

RIMG0003The three pickups are single coiled, and they do not tend to get on your way when you are playing. A nicely done feature is the master volume, which is equipped with two-tone controls, and you have access to a pickup selector with 5 available levels to choose from, giving you full control over the pickups.

The headstock is the famous Traditional Strat that is trademarked by Fender, so you will not see anything like it on guitar from a different brand. The tuning pegs are plastic, and they look somewhat cheap, but if you want me to be honest with you; I’ve seen worse in a lot of $500 models. Once you become familiar with your instrument, you might want to change the tuning machine peg heads. However, they should not really bother you that much at the start of your superstar career.

This is a model that is widely popular in the U.S. A lot of beginners start with it, and if you get attached to it in the learning process, it might be hard to let it go. The price is killer if we take into account all the cool features and quality materials that are coming with the BulletStrat.

Fender is an established brand that is famous for top-notch products, so you have nothing to worry about. If you are not planning to spend some big bucks on your first-guitar, then buy this one.

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