Saga J.Navarro NC-61 – Pick It, Take Care Of It, Love It

Saga J.Navarro NC-61 – Pick It, Take Care Of It, Love It

J. Navarro NC61 300

Body&Neck:4.5 Stars
Hardware:4.5 Stars
Sound:4.6 Stars
Value:4.6 Stars
Average:4.6 Stars

Saga have combined all their efforts and workmanship in order to produce some of the finest midrange, yet high quality guitar lines on the market. The result of this is the J.Navarro series, some of the best entry level classical guitars. The instruments have an obvious Spanish notion, as they are crafted by some of the finest Spanish guitar experts, combined together to produce a series of extremely valuable classical gits.

J. Navarro NC61 BodyThe NC-61 beautifully showcases their craftsmanship and vast skillset. A gorgeous classical fiddle which delivers authentic classic tones guitars of the type are known and loved for. It will assuredly not leave you wanting for more then what you already have due to its hi-quality components and charming sound output.

Body & Neck
The guitar’s excellent projection and sustain is thanks to its hi-quality tone woods mixture. The body packs a spruce top with an inlaid sound rosette wrapping up the sound hole, and rosewood back and sides. The beautiful high gloss finish comes in contrast to the git’s front end, resulting in a very aesthetically pleasing instrument. That is not where the highlights stop, not by a long shot. A traditional Spanish heel keeps the neck and body attached, the sturdy construction is further backed by its fan bracing pattern supporting the body. The mahogany neck accommodates the rosewood fingerboard – rigged with 19 nickel silver frets and decorative wood inlays. The bone nut is 2” wide, while the guitar’s total scale amounts to 25.6”.

Yamaha CG172SF HardwareHardware
The guitar is stylishly rounded off at the top by its headstock, which comes equipped with gold plated, side mounted tuning pegs with black ABS buttons. The hardware is further comprised of a rosewood bridge system, which along with the tuners, makes sure medium tension Savarez strings are ready for action and in tune at all times.

The instrument comes out of the box with an optimally preset action, nullifying any fret buzz right off the bat. As for playability, you get exactly what you asked for here, nothing less or more – a typically comfortable classical guitar, with medium tension strings gently treating your fingers, or vice versa. The solid top projects dynamic vibrations, outputting vastly rich bass notes, backing up the already soft and mellow tones. The sound volume is very satisfying when you consider the fact we’re talking about a nylons string git.

The Verdict
The NC-61 is rarely matched in its respective category, it costs around 350$, but it’s tough to distinguish it from a 500$ fiddle. The obvious sound difference comes when you are willing to spend a bit more than that. For what it is, the NC-61 is a fantastic selection for any guitarist, regardless of playing background and experience. It can be your first git, or your tenth, and you will be equally satisfied.

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