Oscar Schmidt OE20

Oscar Schmidt OE20


Body&Neck:4.5 Stars
Hardware:4.2 Stars
Electronics:4.4 Stars
Sound:4.6 Stars
Value:4.6 Stars
Average:4.5 Stars

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet well-versed guitar with extended capabilities, then The Oscar Schmidt OE20 might be the one for you. This slender axe is a fierce competitor in its price bracket. Featuring an attractive gold painted design combined with its sound quality which rivals low-end Gibson guitars that can be found in the same budget range, it’s assuredly an instrument you won’t have regrets with.

$_12Body & Neck
The guitar is designed in a way reminiscent of famous Les Paul’s, which enhances its standout looks. Its solidified body is made of mahogany with a classic cutaway style – quite a desirable feat in its own offering careless play and comfort with solid sustain. The neck is made of maple and its rosewood fingerboard features 24 frets, however the one thing I don’t like about it is the plastic inlays.

The headstock rounds off the axe smoothly and it’s equipped with chrome die cast tuners. You can’t have a great guitar without adequate hardware, the bridge slot contains a tune-o-matic with a designated stop tailpiece – which is pretty neat if you like small quality of life additions.

This instrument’s tonal variety comes from its dual Belcast humbucker setup, made sure to cover tastes of guitarists coming from different backgrounds in experience. Another useful addition are the four control knobs in the side, two for volume and two for tone, more than you can find on most other guitars. Last but not least, this fine piece of work contains your common three-way pickup switches for fine tuning as you desire.

The intonation coming out of this beauty is very satisfying, the 4 volume controls aid in additional refinement to your sound, and making it turn out exactly as you imagined it in your head. It can naturally cover a high degree of variety in terms of genre – soul, blues, jazz, rock or anything of similarity.

The dual-humbuckers provide clean, subtle, yet bright tones showing off the instrument’s quality. When it comes to durability, you won’t have complaints while using the OE20G, it is built to last with efficiency from all standpoints.

This fine axe undoubtedly contains enough quality to surpass its price by a fine margin, overshadowing many other guitars in its price range, you’ll be one satisfied player if you get your hands on it.

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