The JamPlay Review: Different, But Equally Good – GuitarTricks’ Alter Ego

If you’re looking for guitar courses, you’ve probably already stumbled upon two names – GuitarTricks and JamPlay. Out of all of the courses available, GuitarTricks has the most users, but JamPlay has the fastest growing user base. They are the two most popular courses by far.

It’s tough to make the decision on which one to get. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve gone over both of them in an unbiased, objective way – you’re reading the JamPlay review, and the GuitarTricks review is here.

To start, we’re going to go over everything that JamPlay offers, and after that, we’re going to go over how it’s different from GuitarTricks. You can use our insight to make your decision – we really are unbiased. (To prove that, you can read our horrid review of Jamorama, another somewhat popular guitar course.)

JamPlay: The Overview

EASY beginner lessons

We put easy in all caps because the beginner lessons are truly effortless. The creators of JamPlay put a lot of work into getting into the mindset of a beginner. Because of this, the lessons are chronologically ordered – not just a random array of topics. JamPlay is the leader when it comes to structuring guitar lessons for beginners.

Even if you have never picked up a guitar before, the beginner lessons will be easy for you. They’re informative, too, though – once you’re done with the beginner series, you’ll be able to play many of the classics.

Guitar lessons (intermediate to advanced)

The section called “guitar lessons” is packed to the brim with intermediate and advanced lessons. You can bring yourself from “decent at guitar” to “exceptionally good at guitar” with these lessons alone.

And as with the beginner ones, they are ordered chronologically. There are also individual lessons not included in case you want to really master a specific aspect of guitar. For example, there are a plethora of lessons on improvisation – how to do it, what to avoid while doing it… as well as much, much more.

Genre lessons

If you’re a huge fan of one genre of music, the genre lessons will help you master that specific one. Believe it or not, there are a lot of discrepancies between genres in guitar – what applies to classic rock might not apply to blues. (If you want to play only classic rock songs, then learning the intricacies of blues music is useless. Get it?)

Song lessons (plus a way to request them!)


There are hundreds of classic guitar songs for you to learn, and it’s not just the sheet music. It’s an actual instructor going over every aspect of the song, and they spend extra time on the difficult parts. When you’re ready to play, there’s a vocal track to accompany your shredding.

Don’t see the song you like? Go to the members-only forum and request a tutorial. Forum membership is included in the base price.

Something interesting to note is that many of these songs can be played after you’ve completed only the beginner videos. We think this is a nice touch – after all, you’re probably learning guitar to play songs, and not just learn.

50 instructors, 2,500 lessons

The instructor with the most experience on a certain topic will teach that particular topic. Not much else to say here besides you’re basically getting specialized instructors for every single lesson.

$19.95/month – just kidding

That’s the base price. We have a coupon – [1BA1E2] – to reduce that down to $14.95, the same price as GuitarTricks. (Click here to sign up, and enter the code on the account info page. Easy.)

Compared to GuitarTricks

GuitarTricks has more lessons

They have 8,000 instead of 2,500. That being said, the lessons on GuitarTricks are shorter overall. (Still, they have more content, but they are older, so that’s expected.)

GuitarTricks covers expert topics better

JamPlay stops at “advanced”, whereas GuitarTricks ventures onto expert and even mastery. If you need this is up to your personal preference – once you reach that skill level, you might just want to learn on your own, or you might want to continue following instructions. It’s up to you.

JamPlay is updated more frequently

JamPlay adds new lessons and song tutorials almost daily. GuitarTricks adds new lessons somewhat frequently, but the creators don’t add new songs very often.

JamPlay is easier for beginners

GuitarTricks is easy as well, but JamPlay is truly effortless.

JamPlay has actual touring artists

GuitarTricks has guitar teachers of all levels teaching you things. JamPlay tends to hire actual artists with studio deals (you might recognize some of them) to teach you. The difference is that with JamPlay, you get the artist’s own unique touch on the lesson.

Take Your Pick

Sign up to GuitarTricks for only $14.99 per month.

Sign up to JamPlay – use coupon [1BA1E2] to get [25]% off.

or, just sign up for both and pick your favorite ones. They both have free trials, so you can get in and snoop around before dishing out any money.

JamPlay free trial

GuitarTricks free trial

Good luck, and happy shredding!