The GuitarTricks Review: Better or Worse Than The Others?

Despite having “tricks” in the name, GuitarTricks is a lot more than just helpful hints and tips – it’s a full-fledged course to learning guitar for beginner, intermediate, and even expert players. You can see this in action without signing up anywhere – the homepage autoplays songs from simple to complex. It’s cool.

Truth be told, there are a lot of guitar courses on the market – dozens, if not hundreds. We try to do our best to review the most popular ones, and we truly do give honest reviews. For example, you can check out our review of Jamorama – not good.

GuitarTricks is one of the good ones. Is it perfect? No. No guitar course is perfect. But by and large, we can safely recommend GuitarTricks as a good buy, if not the best buy on the market today.

Below, we’ll cover what it does well… and where it falls short. If you’re considering purchasing a guitar course, whether that be GuitarTricks or some other one, pay attention to this review.

What GuitarTricks does exceptionally well

Gives you a free trial

Many guitar courses do this, but it’s worth mentioning. If you want to just try GuitarTricks already (instead of reading about it) you can click this link and get a free trial. Easy.

Okay, now, onto the juicy stuff…

Lessons with practice and quizzes

You start by watching a tutorial on a certain aspect of guitar, whether that’s a chord, fret movement, etc. GuitarTricks gives you 3-angle views so that you can see exactly what the instructor is doing, instead of forcing you to rewind over and over again when you miss things. There is a reason we put GT at the number 1 spot in our chart with online guitar courses.

Then, once the concept has been covered, the course gives you songs to practice the concept with. Unlike other courses, GuitarTricks doesn’t give you mindless songs to practice with… they’re fun songs that actually sound good.

You also have the option of taking quizzes. We recommend both the quizzes and the practice songs. The quizzes will engrain the concept into your memory, and practice makes perfect.

Tutorials for your favorite songs

If you’re learning guitar, you probably like the greats. Hendrix. The Beatles. Et cetera.

There are over 700 classics for you to learn from on GuitarTricks. And the tutorials are so in-depth that you will learn the songs exponentially faster than if you were to just learn the concepts and go at them by yourself. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but GuitarTricks helps you learn them quicker. That we can safely say.)

Actually useful once you get good

Most guitar courses lose value when you get to a certain level of skill. GuitarTricks won’t be good for masters – if you’re a master, you wouldn’t need a course – but even if you consider yourself an expert, GuitarTricks can help.

The guitar itself is an incredibly complex instrument. The difference between intermediate and expert is quite high, and the difference between expert and master is even higher. You have only masters teaching you, and they will teach you master techniques once you’re an expert. You can bring yourself to the highest level with GuitarTricks – others will stop at intermediate, or god forbid beginner tactics.

Not to mention, there is an incredible toolbox that comes with the GuitarTricks membership.

Helpful from beginner to master

There are 11,000 lessons on GuitarTricks, and that is not a typo.

The lessons are of the highest quality, and there is reinforcement (practice and quizzes) at the end of each one. You can progress from a never-picked-up-a-guitar beginner to a guitar teacher with GuitarTricks, and you can learn your favorite songs while you’re at it. (Pure learning gets boring after a while.)

There are no gaps. The course doesn’t skim over beginner concepts or leave experts in the dust. Every skill level is not only covered, but also covered in depth.

Oh, and like we said, there is a free trial… so you don’t have to take our word for it.

We know what you’re thinking – if something is this good, how much does it cost once the trial (14 days) is over?

There are many, many courses that force you to pay $100+ plus a monthly subscription fee. GuitarTricks is different – $19.95 per month, no strings attached. You can cancel at any time.

Be careful with large upfront payments. Guitar takes a while to learn… there’s no real reason to try and charge a lot upfront. It’s like if you went to a teacher, and the teacher wanted you to pay him for six lessons before he would teach you past the first one… it’s a little shady, and often times, courses do this because they get progressively worse as guitar gets harder.

GuitarTricks does not get worse. $19.95/month (even with no upfront fee) is not the cheapest overall, but in terms of comprehensive courses that cover all skill ranges, it’s the cheapest by far. If you’re looking to cut corners, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a one-and-done solution where you get better at guitar at a breakneck pace, GuitarTricks is for you.

Also, the homepage (for lack of a better phrase) is really freakin’ awesome.

What GuitarTricks doesn’t do so well

Doesn’t add new songs frequently

It appears that GuitarTricks signed a one-time deal to get access to a certain set of songs, and past that, didn’t really put any effort into getting new ones. Keep in mind that there are over 700, so you won’t run out quickly, but when you do, you’ll have to turn to other tutorials to learn. (Though at that point, you’ll likely be good enough to read the sheet music and do it yourself.)

You have to manually cancel the trial (important!)

The 14-day trial will automatically renew if you don’t cancel it. So if you somehow hate the course, make sure to cancel it – you can do this very easily in the member’s area.

A slight navigation learning curve

Because there is so much content, GuitarTricks is a little bit daunting when you first log in. Once you use it for a few days you’ll be able to navigate it easily. Just don’t get frustrated on that aspect alone – it’s not worth it.

One of the coolest things about GuitarTricks is that it appeals to everyone, all the way from children to seniors. Click here to read the testimonials on it, click here to sign up for the free trial, or click here to go right into the $19.95/month plan.