Jackson JS22 Dinky

Jackson JS22 Dinky

Jackson JS22 Dinky 300

Body&Neck:4.5 Stars
Hardware:4.4 Stars
Electronics:4.5 Stars
Sound:4.5 Stars
Value:4.7 Stars
Average:4.5 Stars

The JS22 cuts right under the 200$ price tag, as an elegant and affordable electric guitar – suited for both beginners and intermediates. This guitar has a very attractive design that surpasses its price, backed up with an overly satisfying sound quality, aiming towards mid to high gain tones, as witnessed by the dual-humbucker setup.
Jackson specializes in producing high-quality guitars that match their slender looks, offering great overall value.

$_1Body & Neck
The JS22 Dinky comes (by default) with a metallic blue body made of basswood in a cutaway shape – making it lightweight for continuous usage, backed up with high resonance sound-wise. However you can opt in for a sleek satin black or a glowing Ferrari red body, which comes down to preference.

The guitar’s bolt-on maple neck is reinforced with graphite and the rosewood fingerboard has a compound radius of 12-16” – ensuring comfort and optimal performance, and is equipped with 24 jumbo frets and pearloid sharkfin inlays.

The guitar is beautifully topped off with a fitting headstock using stock tuners, rounding off its compactly elegant design. Looking on the opposite side, the bridge slot contains a synchronized fulcrum vintage tremolo.

This guitar features dual high-output Jackson humbucker pickups – backed up with ceramic magnets, pushing towards that high aggression popular today. If you like going all out with shredding metal tunes, then you won’t have a problem here, this axe is built for it. This guitar’s features are rounded off with your standard set of volume controls, and a three-way blade switch meant for tuning your pickups.

This guitar is undoubtedly a great match for beginners, it will aid you greatly in your improvement process, it’s pretty intuitive to use and setup, and you can start rocking right away. It’s capable of producing sounds that will push your music to the next level.

The hardware and electronics are at a very satisfying level, its tremolo effect is a joy to listen to and the pickups offer thrilling sustain in high gains. This axe is a flawless match for every genre and style of play ranging from classic rock, hard rock to heavy metal.

If you’re a beginner, the JS22 Dinky can become your best friend, it will aid in your improvement process like no other. The overall level of satisfaction coming from this guitar is marvelous, offering a gorgeous aesthetically pleasing design, and solid state electronics. Highly recommended as one of the best in its price range.

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