Fender T-Bucket 300CE

Fender T-Bucket 300CE


Body&Neck:4.2 Stars
Hardware:4.6 Stars
Electronics:4.6 Stars
Sound:4.5 Stars
Value:4.5 Stars
Average:4.5 Stars

A great budget electric acoustic guitar by Fender that matches the quality and the price of the Yamaha FGX700SC. If it is really better is a question that is hard to answer. The truth is, Fender knows their stuff when we talk about electronics and the 300CE comes supercharged with great features. The only reason the T-Buckets price is so low is the composite materials that are used for the cutaway dreadnought body. The general belief that laminated guitars are bad and terrible, however is not always true and the 300CE is a living example.

1__19873.1409514998.1000.1280Body and Neck
This is one shiny-looking beauty. The body features a laminated, flame maple top and mahogany back and sides. The C-shaped mahogany neck has a rosewood fretboard with 20 frets and the normal dot inlays. The 25.3″ long scale ends with a good looking headstock that matches the body of the guitar. The rosewood bridge comes with compensated saddle and die cast tuners with chrome finish. But what about the electronics? Outstanding. You get the famous Fishman Isys III System that delivers active onboard preamp and a high quality built-in chromatic tuner. There are also separate controls for the mids, treble, bass, and volume.

Fender-TBucket-300CE-AMB_02If you are not charmed by the composite materials of the Fender (which is understandable), the quality of the output will probably change your mind. If anything, the T-Bucket 300CE does not sound like a $300 guitar at all. Double the price and you will get close to it. In the low-entry level range it is pretty easy to boost a moderate guitar with good electronics. In order to fit this model in this price bracket, Fender had to sacrifice either the high quality electronics or the real tonewoods. I am glad they cut off the second. Using it only as acoustic might not give you the most pleasing sound, but if you want maximum results, plug your guitar in an amp and you will be happy for every dollar that you invested in it.

The Verdict
For the price spent, the T-Bucket will never let you down. It is good for practicing and it is suitable for newbies who want to take the acoustic-electric route right from the beginning. If you start comparing this one with the $1000 models on the market, it will sound really bad, but try this along some other budget options and you will see that it is a great pick and you’ll be more than happy to walk out of the store with your new Fender.

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