Epiphone LP Special II

Epiphone LP Special II

Epiphone LP Special II

Body&Neck:4.5 Stars
Hardware:4.2 Stars
Electronics:4.5 Stars
Sound:4.4 Stars
Value:4.8 Stars
Average:4.5 Stars

The Les Paul Special II is the best electric guitar under $200 for people that are looking for that classic humbucker sound that is typical for Gibson combined with a familiar Les Paul vintage look. If this is your case and you are on a budget, you can’t make a mistake with the LP Special II.

Epiphone are releasing this model with a lot of features that are not typical for cheap electric guitars. The only thing that comes in mind as a drawback is the fact that you have access to fewer controls, but if they were a pain for you before, there is a big chance that you will love this guitar even more.

special_vs_new_bodyBody and Neck
The most affordable Les Paul comes with a basswood body and mahogany “D” shaped bolt-on neck and a 24.75” scale length. Thanks to the cutaway body you have full access to all the 22 frets on the rosewood fingerboard. The guitar comes without a pickguard, but this the style of this particular Epiphone and you will have to a bit more careful with your axe. The LockTone Tune-o-matic Bridge is very popular among the inexpensive models of Epiphone.

The stock pickups of this git are great; you have a 650R on the neck and the classic 700T on the bridge. As previously mentioned there are just two controls, one for the tone and one for the volume but there is also a three way pickup selector that will allow you to switch between the humbuckers with ease.

The finish of the guitar just looks classy, it doesn’t matter if you are going with the Vintage Sunburst or the Heritage Cherry Sunburst, the headstock looks nice and matches the style of the axe and the chrome finish completes the vintage look of this old-school Les Paul model. There is also a left handed version of the LP Special II, so it will solve a lot of problems if you are a lefty and you are looking for a budget axe.

The Verdict
With a lot of features that are included in the more expensive guitars of Epiphone, the LP Sp II becomes a stand out option in the budget bracket. It is suitable both for starters and intermediate players that are on a budget. If you are a proud owner of a high quality amplifier and you are a seasoned guitarists you will squeeze out a lot of sound out of this beauty. There are close to no downsides and if someone tries to convince you that a basswood body is bad for an electric guitar, you can rest assured that he has no idea of what he is talking about.

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